Objects D' Art

From New Electronica, this was a strictly limited 4LP compilation, gathering the similarly strictly limited first 12"s of Kirk Degiorgio's Applied Rhythmic Technology (see ART) label.

Presented here are Carl Craig's early stuff as Psyche and BFC, some Black Dogs operating under the names of Balil and Atypic, Redcell, Neuropolitique and of course Kirk Degiorgio himself as As One, Future/Past and Esoterik. No need to say that it's a must hear for all lovers of the electronic sound; listen-and-learn stuff.

I seem to remember someone had requested this one ages ago. Found somewhere, sometime, it's supposed to be a 320 rip, although it doesn't sound like it. Still, the original LPs reach 50GBP prices, so...

VA - 1994 Objects D' Art 4LP
Info here.

As for the year 2010, well... I have mixed feelings. It was a really really hard year, that yet filled me with unsurpassed joy with the birth of my daughter - and was eventually so full of experiences that I can only compare it to a long rollercoaster trip. So, no big talks and resolutions and stuff from me. We're here, we survived and we're heading to the future, one step at the time.

For reasons that hopefully will be revealed soon, I recently revisited In The Nursery's 'Duality' with its Max Ehrmann quotes and finally found the whole poem ('Desiderata') and read it. Cast its moral teachings aside and see if it works for you.

So, happy new year to everyone. Take care of your loved ones and yourselves; and if I may, strive to be happy. It is still a beautiful world.

Dream Injections

Well... I was planning a big post of the Dream Injection epic; a crossover series of Sub-Terranean, showcasing Europe's darkest electronic tendencies of the second half of the '90s, Spanning in six volumes (typically of 2CDs, while Vol.5 is a 3CD release), the series focused more on IDM-ish electronics, yet also included everything from dark ambient to trance. Most (if not all) of the stars of that time were included there in their various pseudonyms, so it's difficult not to find at least some of the tracklists attractive.

While searching around for similar posts around the web (a habit I have to get back to, as it seems), I noticed that there are all of them posted at Deep-And-Beat, so go there and down them all and enjoy. Heartily recommended.

Now I have to think of something else. Hmm..


C64. Romero. Gigolos. Atomic energy. Splank! & Mooner. TV. Cars. Machines. Machines.

Zombie Nation - 1999 Leichenschmaus
Info here.

Datcha Studio

Two compilations full of artists from eastern and central Europe, compiled by Jean-Marie K., for Le Maquis.

Including works from the finalists of Radio France International's contests 'Prix RFI Musiques Electroniques', with Ludovic Navarre and Laurent Garnier in the chief jury positions respectively, it's a honest attempt to capture the multi-faceted 'sound' of ... half-a-continent or so. The project brings in mind certain french releases, with their glossy productions and eclectic, semi-intellectual approach to 'ethnic' sounds; which in this case means a lot of strings and unidentified vocals. On the other hand, it brings forward several direly neglected heroes of european electronics like Random Logic and Octex (see here for more), while post-breaks, loungey downtempo sounds have the biggest representation with shining stars like Yonderboi or Alexandroid (also mentioned here).

VA - 2002 Datcha Studio
Info here.

VA - 2003 Datcha Studio Vol.2
Info here.

Share Vari

The song that started it all gets remixed.

A 2x12'' Puzzlebox release, trying to reinterpret an axiomatically absolute classic. You'll be the judge of whether it's successful or not, although it's sure you'll check it out.

A Number Of Names - 2001 Shari Vari Remixes
Info here.

Found around the net somewhere, sometime.

Pink Eyed Pony

Wonderfully titled, this is the only album by Crane A.K., a project known for its releases in ForceTracks (*) and a couple more 12''s in Poker Flat and Audiomatique. Teutonic techhouse that still sounds fresh, fat and groovy.

Crane A.K. - 2001 Pink Eyed Pony
Info here.


I had promised a Christian Morgenstern post ages ago. You've waited for long, so it's gonna be a big one. A large bio can be found in his discogs page, so check there first.

I first encountered him in Kanzleramt (*) compilations and for years mistook him for a typical techno artist; then it came that I listened to Forte and realized there was more, so much more to like. I won't try to describe his style, as it shifts from record to record. The only thing certain is that as time passed, as he gathered experience through his (numerous) releases, his music became more and more personal, more than an amalgam of his various influences - attempting a crossover sound with electro and techno elements and pop sense, keeping his attitude and aesthetics underground and uncompromising.

All albums posted here were found through the net at some time or another. They're generally low bitrate, yet who cares... I consider 'Hawaii Blue' to be his masterpiece, but you knew anyway I'm a sucker for retro electro. Although the tracks I have (and have posted here) sound weirdly like a bad cut-up; don't know if it's bad ripping or the CD is like put together that. His last one 'Carolea' was left unfinished and released post mortem. He had also compiled his Kanzleramt records in two CDs. The only album missing here is 'Re:Death Before Disco' of which I have only half of it, I hope I'll up it at some time later on.

Rest in peace, man. You did more than well.

P.S. Mario was kind enough to send us a link for missing CD 'Re:Death Before Disco'. I added it below. Thanx, man.
Original post 2010-11-15

Christian Morgenstern - 2000
The Future Is On Fire. The Kanzleramt Years

Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 2001
The Future Is On Fire Pt.2 More Kanzleramt Years

Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 1999 Death Before Disko
Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 2000 Re.Death Before Disko
Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 2000 The Lydia EP
Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 2001 Hawaii Blue
Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 2003 Carolea
Info here.

My Sol Dark Direction

James Pennington's only album, out through Peacefrog.

Hardware-based Detroit techno and electro, just like that.

Suburban Knight - 2003 My Sol Dark Direction
Info here. (Link removed)

P.S. Oops, it seems he released a digi album in 2010 as well. My bad. Although I couldn't find it anywhere.
P.S.#2 Link removed due to complaints.

Radioactive Man

From Weatherall's Rotters Golf Club, here are the first two albums by Keith Tenniswood aka Radioactive Man. For all lovers of electro with attitude.

Previously posted RGC compilation here.

Radioactive Man - 2001 st
Info here.

Radioactive Man - 2003 Booby Trap
Info here.

Time Boom X De Devil Dead

An On-U Sound release back from 1987, repressed with extra tracks at 2001 (as noted on discogs).

More from Lee Perry here. As for Dub Syndicate, I saw them once playing a double bill with Jah Wobble's Invaders; it was one of the most flawless performances I've seen in my life.

Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Dub Syndicate -
1987 Time Boom X De Devil Dead (2001 RP)
Info here.

Interestingly, I found in here some of the weirdest samples used in my personal favorite by Friedmann ('Nuf Said').


We've met Etienne De Crécy before in the Motorbass posts (*,*). Here's his last solo project, an album of great craftsmanship and undeniable beauty; I'll only say that it's kept me company for all these years without losing even a drop of its appeal.

Where 'Pansoul' was a nocturnal urban affair, this one is full of sunlight and melodies - expect slo-mo filter disco, electronic funk and breaks, plus lots of twisted synths and sensual voices. Its commercial success was rather easy to predict; it rightly deserved all the attention it got. I also posted the remix compilation released a couple of years later, mostly top notch french house at its weirdest, along with three included videos.

Although Zdar continues releasing stuff as Cassius, I've lost de Crecy's tracks. An early retirement, possibly?

Etienne de Crécy - 2000 Tempovision
Info here.

Etienne de Crécy - 2002 Tempovision Remixes
Info here.

Etienne de Crécy - 2002 Tempovision Videos

More from him later on.

Life's A Gas

One of Wolfgang Voigt's peak moments in my opinion, collecting his mature work as Love Inc.,out through Force Inc. From groovy techno to sample based chilled soundscapes, his minimalistic approach and those beloved and characteristic obsessions of his leave us little room to comment on - you'll either love it or just pass it by. As for the final track, I could listen to it anytime, anywhere, on repeat for hours.

Love Inc. - 1995 Life's A Gas
Info here.

I've been playing it a lot these hard days, so I'd thought I'd share it. CD rip by UOU...

Ocean Club

I've mentioned Gudrun Gut and the Ocean Club before here and here, so I won't go into all that again. Just remember: Malaria! and Monika Enterprise. Anyway, this is the 2CD version of the Ocean Club album I was looking for back then (took me a year and a half... nice...).

The first CD is a reprint of the original 1996 album, with some video clips added (posted separately). Honestly, sometimes it sounds like trance made by non-dancers and it did so back when it was first released; but a couple of tracks are good and guests include Blixa, Anita Lane, etc (see pic above).

The second CD is a compilation of remixes from the several 12"s they released, by artists like (...deep breath...) Klaus Schulze, The Orb, Thomas Fehlmann, Ian Pooley, Paul Van Dyk, Ellen Allien, Effective Force and more; definitely the one to check first, some dreamy moments inside here, plus a lot of trancey tracks for those who can take it.

Gudrun Gut - 1996 Members Of The Ocean Club
Gudrun Gut - 1996 the Ocean Club videos
Gudrun Gut - 2004 Mixes For The Ocean Club
Info here and here.

The Music Hall

Spencer Kincey's last album as Gemini. See previous posts here for info and more.

After this one he disappeared, I don't know what happened to him. Sincerely, I had overlooked this one for years; then last week I played it in my car and it stayed there all these days on repeat mode.

Gemini - 1999 The Music Hall
Info here.

Ambient Ibiza

From Kenneth Bager's danish Flex, this is a compilation of downtempo tracks I'm posting mostly for the contributions by Lucky People Center (*), Dub Tractor (*) and the divine 'Journey' by The Gentle People (I think I have their debut somewhere...).

A couple of other known names in here as well, although many of the tracks barely escape mediocrity. And another unfortunate cover/title combination, by the way.

VA - 1996 Ambient Ibiza
Info here.

Kraftwork @ Nu Skool Elektro 2

It's been a while since I did a solid electro post, so here's a compilation of robo breaks and nervous basslines with acid tweeks from all over Europe.

Contributions include a few tracks already posted before (by Scan X and A1 People), others by established artists like Scanner (*), Luke Slater, Carl Finlow (*), Stanny Franssen, Zzino, etc.; and a host of less known names of whom Ultradyne and Prozack are the only ones I knew and most of whom have disappeared ages ago.

Bad artwork and ridiculous titles are long-standing traditions for generic compilations like this one, solid soundwise but full of less known names - and we shouldn't like it otherwise. Awful covers scare away the hasty customers that don't reach the tracklist at all, leaving the CDs stored in dusty shelves, waiting for us to pick them up.

There was a Vol.1 (obviously...) that sounds promising, which I never managed to track down anyway.

VA - 1998 Kraftwork @ Nu Skool Elektro 2
CD1 - CD2

Info here.

Future Funk + Voltage Control

Some more web finds concerning Russ Gabriel (*). From General Production Recordings' sublabel Input Neuron Musique, these are the two LPs he released there in 1995; sadly in low bit format (160 and 192kbps respectively).

'Future Funk' is more tool-like and dancefloor oriented; the real treat here though is 'Voltage Control', a sublime mix of all progressive tendencies of the time: Detroit elements, IDM and electrofunk forge the style soon to be named techfunk and to become UK's primary underground techno export. A hidden classic.

This was a request - and at the same time a wonderful opportunity to revisit Russ Gabriel' masterpiece. Once again, credits to the Unknown Original Uploaders.

Russ Gabriel - 1995 Future Funk Vol.1
Info here.

Russ Gabriel - 1995 Voltage Control
Info here.

Adventures In Techno Soul

From Russ Gabriel's label, here are the two compilations that along with the '[313] Soundtrack' should be enough to establish Ferox in our minds as a forward thinking label to respect and cherish. With tracks and remixes by the likes of Carl Craig, Derrick Carter, Bjørn Torske, Aubrey, Mark Broom, etc., etc., these are a must for all lovers of the '90s sound, be it techno, house or whatever.

The first one is in 192kbps, found around the net; the 2nd one is a typical 320kbps CD rip.

VA - 1996 Adventures In Techno Soul
Info here.

VA - 1998 Further Adventures In Techno Soul
Info here.

P.S. New 'Further' link added. I think it's OK this time; although I noticed that ripping took some extra time, so it's probably a typical damaged CD case. First posted 2010-10-24.

The Beat Diaries

This is Luke Solomon & Justin Harris' debut album as the Freaks, through their own label named, eh, Music For Freaks.

Groovy house with electronic funk elements and attitude, raw and minimal technoid tools, occasionally aided by the quirky vocals of Stella Attar, it still sounds as if it was released yesterday - it's really weird that they don't even sell it through their shop. Anyway, it was a great start and a clear sign of the greatness to come.

Freaks - 2000 The Beat Diaries
Info here.


Seminal nu-dub vs. clicks 'n' cuts compilation by Stefan Betke aka Pole's ~scape label (see *,*). Everyone here is a star (just check the tracklist) and all tracks are more than just good backdrop for smoking. For those who don't have it already, just don't miss it.

VA - 2000 Staedtizism
Info here.

Unfiltered Sky

Here's the CD by David Alvarado & Kenneth Graham's project Sunkiss, appropriately released through Plastic City.

No time to write much. Check earlier post here for descriptions, though this one sounds more like typical Plastic City late '90s techhouse.

Lovely artwork, by the way.

Sunkiss - 1998 Unfiltered Sky

Info here.

Airbag Craftworks compilation

From the same guys that were mentioned here and later built the Workshop label, here's an early compilation of mostly unreleased tracks I managed to track down only a few years ago.

Airbag Craftworks is a fashion design company producing tasty and rather expensive bags, t-shirts, etc. - and putting out music apparently. Unsurprisingly, I first spotted Out To Lunch in one of those tasty and rather expensive shops Berlin has by the dozens, where my wife was window-shopping overpriced bags, coats or whatever. I found inside a bunch of CDs and two packs of 12"s, respectively parts 1 & 2 of Airbag Craftworks Compilation Vol.2, which I unthinkingly grabbed for less than a fiver each, if I remember correctly. I'd very much like to post them as well, yet I haven't found them around the web (and vinyl ripping is still not an option). Anyway, this one came later and sealed the deal; now I watch Workshop growing and I feel that there is some justice in this world after all.

Besides artists mentioned before, there are also contributions by Isolée, Soylent Green and Freestyle Man vs. Corrado Izzo (*). It could have been a Source record, don't pass it by.

VA - 1999 The Airbag Craftworks Compilation
Info here.

Raw Elements Vol.1

A Superstition compilation of funky techno and house tracks with acid flavor, compiled by Steve Bug, showcasing early material, his and his friends - most notably Hans-Georg Schmidt of label mates Humate and old rave dog Fred Giannelli.

VA - 1995 Raw Elements Vol.1
Info here.

Utopia. The Big Chill

This is a mixed compilation by Miss Elke K. and Henny V., an obscure DJ duo also going by the name of Dutch Ambient Federation; out through Guardian Angel, a trancey sub of Basic Beat.
With a cover pointing to just another mediocre compilation of easy listening 'balearic' music and an equally unexplainable title, the CD contains two mixes, one from each of the DJs.

The first mix by Elke K. partly borrows from the british tradition of chill-out DJing, yet without resorting to sloppy fem-vox stuff or anything like that, keeping the tones down and (like most successful female DJs) aiming for the heart with sentimental tunes and rich melodies. With tracks from the likes of Dr.Atmo & P. Namlock, Dub Tractor (*), Neotropic and A Reminiscent Drive, it's great for coming down, which probably was the purpose after all.
The second part on the other hand is a rather darkish, more abstract and experimental excursion, including some obscure tracks and highlights from Chain Reaction's one-off Ridis, Experimental Audio Research vs. Thomas Köner, Wolfram Spyra, etc. I could have actually named this post "What were they thinking?" judging from that 2nd part; if this is Utopia, what would Dystopia sound like I wouldn't know. Besides the more unconventional tracklist, this one doesn't flow that well as a mix but most of you will probably like it anyway.

VA - 1997 Utopia. The Big Chill
mixed by Elke K. & Henny V.

Info here.

Digital Disco

This is ForceTracks' (*) disco vision; german techno and minihouse icons combine the original dance archetype with their repetitive rhythms, trying to build what they obviously hoped to be the new hyped resurrection. History proved that their bet was misplaced, still some efforts were genuine and still sound interesting. Others did worse; also, some tracks in here have little to do with disco (like that Swayzak exclusive). Interestingly, many of the relatively unknown artists contributing in Vol.2 later became really well known in the electro house circles. Anyway, I think that as compilations go they're good; and also tacky, cheesy, or kitsch - call them what you want.

There was also a later 3rd part, mixed by Unai, but I never did persuade myself to buy it.

VA - Digital Disco (2002)
Info here.

VA - Digital Disco 2 (2003)
Info here.


Estelle Montenegro is Kenneth Graham's alias for Electrolux, this one being his debut there.

I only have a couple of his 12" and the Sunkiss album; besides that I know very little about him; some info on HisSpace. The keyword here is techhouse; repetitive arrangements of traditional house sounds and themes, deep dubby treatments and (as far as I can understand) mostly hardware made. Closer to the mid/late '80s sound than to the over-produced '90s typical house stuff. Also some chilled electronic stuff in here, being an Electrolux record; but over all it's an uptempo album.

Estelle Montenegro - 2000 Lakeside
Info here.

Microfunk Klickhouse

While on that trip, here's a 2CD compilation by techno devoted distributor Neuton, presenting a multitude of artists from their labels cluster to define the (2003) cutting edge sound of ... (insert fanfare) ... Microfunk. Or Clickhouse. Microhouse, maybe. Noticed the initials? Anyway. I was going to post Akufen's track (that appeared as an extra in the 2nd print of his 'My Way' album, as noted here), then decided to post the whole compilation anyway.

The thing is, gathered here are artists from the rosters of Force Inc., Perlon, Boxer, SubStatic, etc., etc.; most of them have been presented through this blog before, so just check the tracklist. CD1 focuces more on techhouse a la Forcetracks, while CD2 delves more into mini-techno and occasionally experimental territory. In all, a representative comp of the tendencies of the time; once more, it's easy to recognize here the blueprint of what shortly became mainstream everywhere.

It was really weird to see Neuton crash (as was with EFA earlier); its labels did at that time really well; most of them still do, after all.

VA - 2003 Microfunk Clickhouse
CD1 - CD2

Info here.

Four times I wrote and erased the above text, took me more than an hour; which probably reveals more for the state of my mind during these last weeks (I'm working two office jobs overtime...) than a genuine oh-so-blogger-like gut spilling would do. Sorry for any delays in requests, keep annoying me for what I promised; assume I've forgotten everything.

Anima - Naima

The following two CDs are actually one piece of work, the original and a live performance. They signify one of the peaks of Mr. Ripatti's fame, while he was still enjoying the world's general wonderment and critics' ramblings about releasing in the same year (2000) the great 'Multila' in Chain Reaction and three albums in Mille Plateaux, ForceInc. and ForceTracks ('Entain' as Vladislav Delay, 'Vapaa Muurari' as Uusitalo and 'Vocal City' as Luomo). The volume of releases was not surprising as such (especially for an 'experimental' artist). The big surprise was the quality and originality of the material, as well as the chameleon-like way he overruled genres' stereotypes and norms, whether he chose to play techno, vocal house or just glitchy reverb noise.

The next album (out 2001) was a daring release in Mille Plateaux. Although there was also a 3x12'' release, it works best in the CD format as it's one solid ambient track, to my ears an improvisational smocky piece based on excellent quality raw material and tons of effects. It's obviously the closest he ever came to gallery 'art' music, still he manages to preserve all these qualities that make him that good in what he does as a musician and without the academic stench of most of the already mentioned 'art' works.
Not surprisingly, he performed that work in Ars Electronica 2001 in a more clear and a bit more abstract form, with a female beautifully accented voice on top giving a different meaning in this sea of reverberations. The recording of this version was later (2002) printed as a limited release in Staubgold, named 'Naima'.

P.S.: Both links were erased without notice. 'Anima' is reprinted through Huume (with an extra track), but 'Naima' remains in obscurity so I re-upped it. Original post 2008-03-30.

Vladislav Delay - 2001 Anima LINKS OFF
Info here.

Vladislav Delay - 2002 Naima
Info here.

My Way

Akufen's seminal debut album in Force Inc. (*,*,*,*,*,*,*,*,*); along with 'Psychometry 3.0' EP his best work to date.

In my opinion, a landmark for minimal techno, signaling its mid '00s US-driven quirky phase, before it became that post-M_nus mainstream norm we all know. Similar (but not the same) stuff here; another Akufen track here.

Akufen - 2002 My Way
Info here.

Welcome to Lucky People Center

I first watched the outstanding 'Lucky People Center International' film in a VHS copy, at about the same time I watched 'Modulations' (*) and 'Synthetic Pleasures'; at about 1999, I think.

I knew nothing of LPC, save that they were a Swedish collective. Took me 5 or 6 years to find out bits about them, and only thanks to sites like imdb, discogs, etc. The film was actually made by Erik Pauser and Johan Söderberg (definitely check his adorable site for more); some info here. Bringing in mind Coldcut's audio/video sampledelic cut-ups and musically focusing on fast acidic beats, the film is a trip around the globe, people-focused and compassionate. Using fast-paced editing followed by gentle breaks of stillness and heart-aching beauty, the film touches on trivia such as alternate states of consciousness, the importance of dancing and singing, the clash between free will and society's restrictions; and of course death. Human stuff, you know. I was actually planning on posting the film itself, when I found out that it's reprinted on DVD and it's available for sale through one of the the directors' shop. It's so good it'd be a shame of you to pass it by.

So, I choose to post their breaks influenced debut CD instead. But I still think that the 'just music' CD version lacks a bit when compared to the original video cut-ups; just check this one, then go to soderberg.tv, press 'Musicvideo', then 'LPC' and click on 'Rodney King' or 'Live In The World' and you'll know what I mean.

LPC - 1993 Welcome to Lucky People Center
Info here.

Blue Skied An' Clear

Another quality Morr Music compilation; check that post first for more info.

It's actually a tribute compilation to Slowdive; in CD1 Morr artists do covers of their tracks, in CD2 there are original tracks inspired by them. Purists might not like it, no many wall-of-sound guitar sounds in here; most of the tracks are simplistic and transparent sound-wise and retro-electropop stylistically. But the dreamy/smokey spirit is still there, bittersweet vocals dominate and Slowdive's influence on this scene becomes apparent, more notably in the second 'originals' disk.

VA - 2002 Blue Skied An' Clear
CD1 - CD2
Info here and here.

This was a request, yet I was planning on posting it at some time anyway. Enjoy.


Anders Ilar's debut on Shitkatapult, a deep masterpiece blending ethereal ambient atmos with contemporary electronics, rumbling bass and tons of effects.

Occasionally dark and introvert, this one is more appropriate for relaxing, thinking, mind traveling in general, than for dancing or coming down. And rather unlike his 12"s of the time (see that great Hydro EP); only 'Make Believe' follows the mini dub techno norm. It's a low profile work, but it grows on you; I liked the stylistic switch, gave it some extra attention and was rewarded accordingly. I'd say that in here are the roots of his later tech-IDM-ish excursions through Merck/Narita, Level, etc.

A free album and some mixes/podcasts here.

Anders Ilar - 2003 Everdom
Info here.


Silex is Konstantinos Soublis aka Fluxion, famous from his releases in Chain Reaction, first introduced in this blog here - all I said back then apply here as well. Using one of his less known alias he's going stylistically much more towards IDM than you'd expect (meaning, no techno dub in here), occasionally with an isolationist's edge.

I think you'll find this interesting; his recent Resopal and Echocord releases were decent, yet on the same '90s dubby blueprint; more danceable but without the trippy feeling.

Silex - 2002 Alphabet

Info here.

Für Dich

You know my love for the Cologne scene. Well, here's the CD that established Kompakt in my mind as a fixation to love and cherish and Tobias Thomas (*) as a DJ to watch (eventually I had the chance to open for him during a beautiful night in Athens, but that's another story).

I had bought it without knowing anything about it or himself. I recognized only a few of the artists involved, I remember it was really expensive and I had no way of listening to it beforehand, but I took my chance - turned out to be a turning point for me, an epiphany and an example to look up to. From post-pop to hard club techno, from abstract synthetic tool tracks to jazzy vocal house, Tobias builds a rollercoaster of emotions, trippy ideas and bold proposals that stands the test of time, beyond hypes and cliches. For you.

Contains rare Gamat3000 original gem 'Feeling Love', Various Artists' Autechre remix (*), some early Kompakt classics ('Puma', 'Nachschub', etc.), subtle paean 'Check Your Buddah' from Ford/Melchior (*), Lali Puna's heavenly 'Superlotado', an uncredited intro, etc. etc. etc. And of course Vladislav Delay's monumental 'Huone', mixed so subtly that it took me a couple of years to understand how he did it.

It won't stay up for long, for the reasons stated here. Makes a good couple with this Mayer mix, yet this one is far more effective. And I hate cliches, but occasionally I have to use them: I cannot recommend it strong enough.

VA - 1999 Tobias Thomas _ Für Dich
Info here.

P.S. Link removed; you had your time. Go to any shop and buy it, it's worth 100%.

Putting The Morr Back In Morrissey

I realized that the title's wordplay is lost on most ears nowdays. Anyway, I won't go on about that label that redefined contemporary electronic listening music by combining experimental sounds and techniques with indie pop and aesthetics, blah blah blah. I'm talking about Morr Music and similar stuff, of course - a scene mentioned many times before in this blog anyway (*,*,*,*,*,*).

The first CD mostly contains unreleased stuff, the second one remixes between label artists. Simply one of the best listening compilations I own - still sounds good as gold. Enjoy.

VA - 2000 Putting The Morr Back In Morrissey
CD1 - CD2
Info here.