I haven't managed yet to find the Ocean Club CD I was looking for ("...but I will, I tell you, I will..." he rambled on pitifully). So, instead of a double post you'll settle with this.

At about the time Malaria! decided to quit, a remix compilation appeared; oldschool Berlin techno and trance by the main players of that era (see the cover below), for Tresor fans and the Love Parade crowd alike. There was also a 12''. I don't claim to know shit about the girls except 'Kaltes Klares Wasser', their obscure poetry (in German, that is), that they had people like Blixa, Anita Lane and Foetus as guests in their albums and that Gudrun Gut later got together with Thomas Fehlmann and made Monika Enterprise what it is, anyway.

Few words and a mixed Ocean Club CD here.

And yes, that's Herr Moritz down there, proto-BC style.

Malaria! - 1993 Delirium (Remixed-Remade-Remodelled)
Info here.

More GAS

I managed to gather the old 12"s from Wolfgang Voigt as GAS, in MP3 form. I was checking Discogs' sales for them and got rather angry; I ended up thinking it'd be a good idea to get them together in a post for those of us who will never have the money to spare to get the vinyls. Also included is an earlier post (now deleted) of a WV contribution in a project soon to be posted in full.

If you already know GAS you know what to expect; if you don't, it's about time you learn. Out in Profan, Mille Plateaux and Raster-Noton respectively.

Similar posts here and here. Once more, a big thanx to the original uploaders.

GAS - 1995 Modern 12''
Info here.

GAS - 1999 Oktember 12"
Info here.

Wolfgang Voigt - 1999, 20 Minuten Gas Im November
(20' to 2000.November)

Info here.