Back from the grave

OK, I have to admit it was a really big surprise for me to see this blog back up again. I sincerely had lost all hope about it and was thinking about creating a new one, what it would be about, if there was a way to re-post all previously upped CDs, etc. etc.- and had decided I have absolutely no time to do that anymore. And suddenly I visit my account and see it's up again, for a few weeks at least, judging from your comments. What can I say...

Some great news, people. I bought a Mac and managed to get my audio stuff together, creating a mini-studio - which gives me the ability to rip from vinyl. Finally. So, now my record collection is up for grabs. Needless to say, I won't be ripping any recent stuff, unless it's decidedly out-of-print and unavailable elsewhere - I haven't done anything like it in the past and I won't start now. But I have a lot of good stuff from the (late) '90s and early '00s that's mostly unknown yet marvelous stuff, deep and punchy techno and house, or some rare releases from well-known artists, so I'll start with these first.

Vinyl ripping is definitely slower than CD ripping. I'll just do my best, just don't expect daily updates. And while the state of my 12"s is far from being 'mint', I'm afraid I won't do a lot of corrections, pop- and hiss-wise, I just don't have the time. But we'll live with it. Also, I'm thinking on posting high quality links, possibly FLAC - give me some feedback on that, won't you?

So glad to be back. I now know that I missed this. So nice to see you again, dear friends.

(No, these are not my records. They are better kept and organized but, sadly, only slightly.)