My Sol Dark Direction

James Pennington's only album, out through Peacefrog.

Hardware-based Detroit techno and electro, just like that.

Suburban Knight - 2003 My Sol Dark Direction
Info here. (Link removed)

P.S. Oops, it seems he released a digi album in 2010 as well. My bad. Although I couldn't find it anywhere.
P.S.#2 Link removed due to complaints.

Radioactive Man

From Weatherall's Rotters Golf Club, here are the first two albums by Keith Tenniswood aka Radioactive Man. For all lovers of electro with attitude.

Previously posted RGC compilation here.

Radioactive Man - 2001 st
Info here.

Radioactive Man - 2003 Booby Trap
Info here.

Time Boom X De Devil Dead

An On-U Sound release back from 1987, repressed with extra tracks at 2001 (as noted on discogs).

More from Lee Perry here. As for Dub Syndicate, I saw them once playing a double bill with Jah Wobble's Invaders; it was one of the most flawless performances I've seen in my life.

Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Dub Syndicate -
1987 Time Boom X De Devil Dead (2001 RP)
Info here.

Interestingly, I found in here some of the weirdest samples used in my personal favorite by Friedmann ('Nuf Said').


We've met Etienne De Crécy before in the Motorbass posts (*,*). Here's his last solo project, an album of great craftsmanship and undeniable beauty; I'll only say that it's kept me company for all these years without losing even a drop of its appeal.

Where 'Pansoul' was a nocturnal urban affair, this one is full of sunlight and melodies - expect slo-mo filter disco, electronic funk and breaks, plus lots of twisted synths and sensual voices. Its commercial success was rather easy to predict; it rightly deserved all the attention it got. I also posted the remix compilation released a couple of years later, mostly top notch french house at its weirdest, along with three included videos.

Although Zdar continues releasing stuff as Cassius, I've lost de Crecy's tracks. An early retirement, possibly?

Etienne de Crécy - 2000 Tempovision
Info here.

Etienne de Crécy - 2002 Tempovision Remixes
Info here.

Etienne de Crécy - 2002 Tempovision Videos

More from him later on.

Life's A Gas

One of Wolfgang Voigt's peak moments in my opinion, collecting his mature work as Love Inc.,out through Force Inc. From groovy techno to sample based chilled soundscapes, his minimalistic approach and those beloved and characteristic obsessions of his leave us little room to comment on - you'll either love it or just pass it by. As for the final track, I could listen to it anytime, anywhere, on repeat for hours.

Love Inc. - 1995 Life's A Gas
Info here.

I've been playing it a lot these hard days, so I'd thought I'd share it. CD rip by UOU...

Ocean Club

I've mentioned Gudrun Gut and the Ocean Club before here and here, so I won't go into all that again. Just remember: Malaria! and Monika Enterprise. Anyway, this is the 2CD version of the Ocean Club album I was looking for back then (took me a year and a half... nice...).

The first CD is a reprint of the original 1996 album, with some video clips added (posted separately). Honestly, sometimes it sounds like trance made by non-dancers and it did so back when it was first released; but a couple of tracks are good and guests include Blixa, Anita Lane, etc (see pic above).

The second CD is a compilation of remixes from the several 12"s they released, by artists like (...deep breath...) Klaus Schulze, The Orb, Thomas Fehlmann, Ian Pooley, Paul Van Dyk, Ellen Allien, Effective Force and more; definitely the one to check first, some dreamy moments inside here, plus a lot of trancey tracks for those who can take it.

Gudrun Gut - 1996 Members Of The Ocean Club
Gudrun Gut - 1996 the Ocean Club videos
Gudrun Gut - 2004 Mixes For The Ocean Club
Info here and here.

The Music Hall

Spencer Kincey's last album as Gemini. See previous posts here for info and more.

After this one he disappeared, I don't know what happened to him. Sincerely, I had overlooked this one for years; then last week I played it in my car and it stayed there all these days on repeat mode.

Gemini - 1999 The Music Hall
Info here.

Ambient Ibiza

From Kenneth Bager's danish Flex, this is a compilation of downtempo tracks I'm posting mostly for the contributions by Lucky People Center (*), Dub Tractor (*) and the divine 'Journey' by The Gentle People (I think I have their debut somewhere...).

A couple of other known names in here as well, although many of the tracks barely escape mediocrity. And another unfortunate cover/title combination, by the way.

VA - 1996 Ambient Ibiza
Info here.