Force + Form

This was a request, I had honestly forgotten about it; but after listening to it again after those few years, I have to say it has aged extremely well. Full of loopy, dark techno with industrial references both sonically and thematically (see Coil), it's a classic Surgeon album revealing in full his idiosyncratic tendencies for bastardizing righteous techno beats with weird atmospheres and post-breakbeat loops. On that account, he always reminded me of early PWOG, amongst others; but that may be just me. Anyway, it's no wonder he made a turn towards the tech/dubstep crossover during the last few years.

His downtempo interludes are (according to Anthony Child himself) influenced by the work of his mentor/friend, Napalm Death's ex-drummer Mick Harris aka Scorn or Lull, who also contributed a dub in a 12" of remakes of tracks from the album.

Surgeon - 1999 Force + Form
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Most people would call it 'experimental techno'. I like to think that techno music is experimental by nature, although I would have to be braindead and/or deaf to believe something like this for all that music categorized as 'techno' and published in the last two decades.

P.S. I found the EP (not my link), so check it here:
Surgeon - 1999 Force + Form Remakes
Info here.

P.S.2: Link updated. Original post 2010-05-05

The Way Eye See

Late '90s techhouse, somewhere between Svek's minimalistic house excursions and the various US hybrids of house and techno, from Alexi Delano - who has of old built his reputation in creating soulful and deep tracks with dancefloor appeal and still releases quality stuff under various monikers, in collaborations and through various labels. This is an one-off project
through Germany's Plastic City, full of lush chords and groovy elements over tight and phat beats for house lovers with open ears.

A.D.N.Y. presents Leiva - 1999 The Way Eye See

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Out through Ersatz Audio, this is a compilation of several 12"s released by ADULT. on E.A. as well as labels like Intuit-Solar, Bolz Bolz' Electrecord and Clone.
"Working class electronic music", they say. I call it retro electro with edge, cold synth influenced. Not dancefloor material per se, yet that's its appeal, in some sense. The artwork is also essential and a big part of the concept, Ballard-like in essence, so check more of their artwork where you can find it.

ADULT. - 2001 Resuscitation
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It's been some time since I posted some music from KK Records, so here's a classic compilation - full of techno, harsh industrial beats and dark atmos.

Highlights include legendary Test Dept.'s excursions in electronics, plus classic stuff from artists already presented in this blog, like Uwe Schmidt's Lassigue Bendthaus project, PWOG, Riou, etc. The first CD focuses on technoid beats, the second one is more abstract and experimental in its sound.

VA - 1995 Sheen. Kk Records Compilation
CD1 - CD2
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