Force + Form

This was a request, I had honestly forgotten about it; but after listening to it again after those few years, I have to say it has aged extremely well. Full of loopy, dark techno with industrial references both sonically and thematically (see Coil), it's a classic Surgeon album revealing in full his idiosyncratic tendencies for bastardizing righteous techno beats with weird atmospheres and post-breakbeat loops. On that account, he always reminded me of early PWOG, amongst others; but that may be just me. Anyway, it's no wonder he made a turn towards the tech/dubstep crossover during the last few years.

His downtempo interludes are (according to Anthony Child himself) influenced by the work of his mentor/friend, Napalm Death's ex-drummer Mick Harris aka Scorn or Lull, who also contributed a dub in a 12" of remakes of tracks from the album.

Surgeon - 1999 Force + Form
Info here.

Most people would call it 'experimental techno'. I like to think that techno music is experimental by nature, although I would have to be braindead and/or deaf to believe something like this for all that music categorized as 'techno' and published in the last two decades.

P.S. I found the EP (not my link), so check it here:
Surgeon - 1999 Force + Form Remakes
Info here.

P.S.2: Link updated. Original post 2010-05-05

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