Objects D' Art

From New Electronica, this was a strictly limited 4LP compilation, gathering the similarly strictly limited first 12"s of Kirk Degiorgio's Applied Rhythmic Technology (see ART) label.

Presented here are Carl Craig's early stuff as Psyche and BFC, some Black Dogs operating under the names of Balil and Atypic, Redcell, Neuropolitique and of course Kirk Degiorgio himself as As One, Future/Past and Esoterik. No need to say that it's a must hear for all lovers of the electronic sound; listen-and-learn stuff.

I seem to remember someone had requested this one ages ago. Found somewhere, sometime, it's supposed to be a 320 rip, although it doesn't sound like it. Still, the original LPs reach 50GBP prices, so...

VA - 1994 Objects D' Art 4LP
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As for the year 2010, well... I have mixed feelings. It was a really really hard year, that yet filled me with unsurpassed joy with the birth of my daughter - and was eventually so full of experiences that I can only compare it to a long rollercoaster trip. So, no big talks and resolutions and stuff from me. We're here, we survived and we're heading to the future, one step at the time.

For reasons that hopefully will be revealed soon, I recently revisited In The Nursery's 'Duality' with its Max Ehrmann quotes and finally found the whole poem ('Desiderata') and read it. Cast its moral teachings aside and see if it works for you.

So, happy new year to everyone. Take care of your loved ones and yourselves; and if I may, strive to be happy. It is still a beautiful world.

Dream Injections

Well... I was planning a big post of the Dream Injection epic; a crossover series of Sub-Terranean, showcasing Europe's darkest electronic tendencies of the second half of the '90s, Spanning in six volumes (typically of 2CDs, while Vol.5 is a 3CD release), the series focused more on IDM-ish electronics, yet also included everything from dark ambient to trance. Most (if not all) of the stars of that time were included there in their various pseudonyms, so it's difficult not to find at least some of the tracklists attractive.

While searching around for similar posts around the web (a habit I have to get back to, as it seems), I noticed that there are all of them posted at Deep-And-Beat, so go there and down them all and enjoy. Heartily recommended.

Now I have to think of something else. Hmm..


C64. Romero. Gigolos. Atomic energy. Splank! & Mooner. TV. Cars. Machines. Machines.

Zombie Nation - 1999 Leichenschmaus
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Datcha Studio

Two compilations full of artists from eastern and central Europe, compiled by Jean-Marie K., for Le Maquis.

Including works from the finalists of Radio France International's contests 'Prix RFI Musiques Electroniques', with Ludovic Navarre and Laurent Garnier in the chief jury positions respectively, it's a honest attempt to capture the multi-faceted 'sound' of ... half-a-continent or so. The project brings in mind certain french releases, with their glossy productions and eclectic, semi-intellectual approach to 'ethnic' sounds; which in this case means a lot of strings and unidentified vocals. On the other hand, it brings forward several direly neglected heroes of european electronics like Random Logic and Octex (see here for more), while post-breaks, loungey downtempo sounds have the biggest representation with shining stars like Yonderboi or Alexandroid (also mentioned here).

VA - 2002 Datcha Studio
Info here.

VA - 2003 Datcha Studio Vol.2
Info here.

Share Vari

The song that started it all gets remixed.

A 2x12'' Puzzlebox release, trying to reinterpret an axiomatically absolute classic. You'll be the judge of whether it's successful or not, although it's sure you'll check it out.

A Number Of Names - 2001 Shari Vari Remixes
Info here.

Found around the net somewhere, sometime.

Pink Eyed Pony

Wonderfully titled, this is the only album by Crane A.K., a project known for its releases in ForceTracks (*) and a couple more 12''s in Poker Flat and Audiomatique. Teutonic techhouse that still sounds fresh, fat and groovy.

Crane A.K. - 2001 Pink Eyed Pony
Info here.


I had promised a Christian Morgenstern post ages ago. You've waited for long, so it's gonna be a big one. A large bio can be found in his discogs page, so check there first.

I first encountered him in Kanzleramt (*) compilations and for years mistook him for a typical techno artist; then it came that I listened to Forte and realized there was more, so much more to like. I won't try to describe his style, as it shifts from record to record. The only thing certain is that as time passed, as he gathered experience through his (numerous) releases, his music became more and more personal, more than an amalgam of his various influences - attempting a crossover sound with electro and techno elements and pop sense, keeping his attitude and aesthetics underground and uncompromising.

All albums posted here were found through the net at some time or another. They're generally low bitrate, yet who cares... I consider 'Hawaii Blue' to be his masterpiece, but you knew anyway I'm a sucker for retro electro. Although the tracks I have (and have posted here) sound weirdly like a bad cut-up; don't know if it's bad ripping or the CD is like put together that. His last one 'Carolea' was left unfinished and released post mortem. He had also compiled his Kanzleramt records in two CDs. The only album missing here is 'Re:Death Before Disco' of which I have only half of it, I hope I'll up it at some time later on.

Rest in peace, man. You did more than well.

P.S. Mario was kind enough to send us a link for missing CD 'Re:Death Before Disco'. I added it below. Thanx, man.
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Christian Morgenstern - 2000
The Future Is On Fire. The Kanzleramt Years

Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 2001
The Future Is On Fire Pt.2 More Kanzleramt Years

Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 1999 Death Before Disko
Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 2000 Re.Death Before Disko
Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 2000 The Lydia EP
Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 2001 Hawaii Blue
Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 2003 Carolea
Info here.