Objects D' Art

From New Electronica, this was a strictly limited 4LP compilation, gathering the similarly strictly limited first 12"s of Kirk Degiorgio's Applied Rhythmic Technology (see ART) label.

Presented here are Carl Craig's early stuff as Psyche and BFC, some Black Dogs operating under the names of Balil and Atypic, Redcell, Neuropolitique and of course Kirk Degiorgio himself as As One, Future/Past and Esoterik. No need to say that it's a must hear for all lovers of the electronic sound; listen-and-learn stuff.

I seem to remember someone had requested this one ages ago. Found somewhere, sometime, it's supposed to be a 320 rip, although it doesn't sound like it. Still, the original LPs reach 50GBP prices, so...

VA - 1994 Objects D' Art 4LP
Info here.

As for the year 2010, well... I have mixed feelings. It was a really really hard year, that yet filled me with unsurpassed joy with the birth of my daughter - and was eventually so full of experiences that I can only compare it to a long rollercoaster trip. So, no big talks and resolutions and stuff from me. We're here, we survived and we're heading to the future, one step at the time.

For reasons that hopefully will be revealed soon, I recently revisited In The Nursery's 'Duality' with its Max Ehrmann quotes and finally found the whole poem ('Desiderata') and read it. Cast its moral teachings aside and see if it works for you.

So, happy new year to everyone. Take care of your loved ones and yourselves; and if I may, strive to be happy. It is still a beautiful world.


milola said...

Best wishes to you and your family. I'm sure you'll agree what Actress said in the december issue of The Wire : Life is music, music is art, art is life.

IngeTesdal said...

Thanks for sharing lots of great music in 2010, much appreciated! :-)

I've turned to Duality/Desiderata many times in my own life. A beautiful soothing piece of music.

Anonymous said...

Objects D' Art III


stay tuned!

Nightlight said...

Thanx for your words guys

Actually Vol.III is the only one I have a physical copy of... Thanx anyway, I appreciate it.

I also have mp3s of " '92-'95 " (lots of same trax with this one) - but not Vol.2, so if anyone has it, you know...

Anonymous said...

hey there - i think the link is down?