Datcha Studio

Two compilations full of artists from eastern and central Europe, compiled by Jean-Marie K., for Le Maquis.

Including works from the finalists of Radio France International's contests 'Prix RFI Musiques Electroniques', with Ludovic Navarre and Laurent Garnier in the chief jury positions respectively, it's a honest attempt to capture the multi-faceted 'sound' of ... half-a-continent or so. The project brings in mind certain french releases, with their glossy productions and eclectic, semi-intellectual approach to 'ethnic' sounds; which in this case means a lot of strings and unidentified vocals. On the other hand, it brings forward several direly neglected heroes of european electronics like Random Logic and Octex (see here for more), while post-breaks, loungey downtempo sounds have the biggest representation with shining stars like Yonderboi or Alexandroid (also mentioned here).

VA - 2002 Datcha Studio
Info here.

VA - 2003 Datcha Studio Vol.2
Info here.

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