I had promised a Christian Morgenstern post ages ago. You've waited for long, so it's gonna be a big one. A large bio can be found in his discogs page, so check there first.

I first encountered him in Kanzleramt (*) compilations and for years mistook him for a typical techno artist; then it came that I listened to Forte and realized there was more, so much more to like. I won't try to describe his style, as it shifts from record to record. The only thing certain is that as time passed, as he gathered experience through his (numerous) releases, his music became more and more personal, more than an amalgam of his various influences - attempting a crossover sound with electro and techno elements and pop sense, keeping his attitude and aesthetics underground and uncompromising.

All albums posted here were found through the net at some time or another. They're generally low bitrate, yet who cares... I consider 'Hawaii Blue' to be his masterpiece, but you knew anyway I'm a sucker for retro electro. Although the tracks I have (and have posted here) sound weirdly like a bad cut-up; don't know if it's bad ripping or the CD is like put together that. His last one 'Carolea' was left unfinished and released post mortem. He had also compiled his Kanzleramt records in two CDs. The only album missing here is 'Re:Death Before Disco' of which I have only half of it, I hope I'll up it at some time later on.

Rest in peace, man. You did more than well.

P.S. Mario was kind enough to send us a link for missing CD 'Re:Death Before Disco'. I added it below. Thanx, man.
Original post 2010-11-15

Christian Morgenstern - 2000
The Future Is On Fire. The Kanzleramt Years

Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 2001
The Future Is On Fire Pt.2 More Kanzleramt Years

Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 1999 Death Before Disko
Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 2000 Re.Death Before Disko
Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 2000 The Lydia EP
Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 2001 Hawaii Blue
Info here.

Christian Morgenstern - 2003 Carolea
Info here.


Mario said...

Christian Morgenstern has to be one of my favorites techno artists!
I agree with you on Hawaii Blue, such a great album! I only had the chance to see him DJ'ing once and his set was as unique, personal and unexpected as his productions. Just amazing!
I am not sure you can find this in stores anymore, so here goes Re:Death Before Disco at 320kbps


Mario said...

For some reason the link didn't go through on the previous comment...