Into Forever

Infinite sweetness by guitar hero Manual and Alexander Perls or Icebreaker International (once part of Piano Magic).

Out through a sub-label of Berlin's 'pop' emblematic Morr Music, this music is destined to be transmitted from Antares, "... a deep-space probe fitted with high powered audio projectors..." after his launch in May 2011 from Novgorod, Russia, towards the nebula NGC 10007 (though I have yet to find even a tiny piece of info on that mission..). The sound nods sleepily towards the shoegaze direction (down?), post-Fripp guitars blend with post-Eno abstract electronics, like a glossy 'No Pussyfooting' (but sounding a bit retro instead of cutting-edge). The funny thing is that '90s shoegaze didn't sound so '70s-like. Still, the outcome is exceptionally good, relaxing and spacey. Ambient.

This release is backed up by both RISAcorp (?) and NATOarts (a sponsor of old for the I.I., old site here). Creepy, to say the least.

Icebreaker International & Manual - 2003 Into Forever
Info here.


Savvas Georgiades is one of the few guys in Greece that managed to built a decent reputation in the european techno scene since the early days.
Through the '90s he deejayed and recorded as DJ Savage; lately he's known through his releases in Treibstoff, Morris/Audio and Tongut by the name of Novatek. He's also the owner of Kinetik Records and has a constant (though not overtly frequent) presence in discography, contributing releases and remixes in Euro and UK labels.

This one was released through the most respectable label in Greece for the last (many) years, Poeta Negra, a strange attractor of extraordinary culture and weird music right from the heart of sub-capital Salonica, the northern Greek gray metropolis by the sea. Experimental electronics collide with dreamy/ noisy post-rock marathons, ambient scapes with industrial bangers. In one of its rather accessible releases, presented here under his electro moniker Neuro D, Savvas Georgiades builds loopy electrofunk constructs on the Duesseldorf-Miami axis with a slight '80s EBM tint, similar to early Rother releases, slightly more synth-based and always funky.

For compulsive electro heads, I consider this one mandatory.

Neuro D - 2002 Audiomatik
Info here.

Trance Atlantic I & II

From the Volume label, in the same spirit as the 'Trance Europe Express' series.

After having a big impact on the European scene with three or four TEX volumes, in a big way defining (UK's) perspective on 'techno', 'trance' and 'electronica' and establishing/ introducing artists, the project crossed over the Atlantic and featured stuff from dance legends side by side to less known artists from USA and Canada. Of course, due to their importance and history Chicago and Detroit are much more represented here, still it more or less presents a certain picture of the then surfacing US 'rave' scene.
Many of the usual suspects are here, too much to mention (though some more are rather blatantly overlooked). A look at the artists' list will convince you. The first volume has an overall approach music-wise with a slight emphasis on Detroit artists, while the second one points a bit more towards Chicago.

All tracks were exclusive back then, though later some surfaced in compilations or re-edits.
Get them.

VA - 1995 Trance Atlantic
CD1 - CD2
Info here.

VA - 1995 Trance Atlantic 2
CD1 - CD2
Info here.

Tracks 1-02 and 2-01 of Vol.1 are not included here. Sorry.

Human Race

From Len Faki's never forgotten [feis] label (check here first), an album to fill the emptiness inside every poor robot.

Infinite respect to Bolz Bolz from Cologne for the World Electric label and for introducing me to the Kitbuilders; most of all though for just doing what he did, being at the right place in the wrong time and still coming through. Comparable (but not similar) only to also analog-based 'Rest' from Isolée.

A modern classic.

Bolz Bolz - 2001 Human Race
Info here.

Combination Traffic I & II

Some wonderful electronics by Combination Records, a rather low-profile quality Düsseldorf freestyle label active for about seven years now.

Focusing on sweet breaks, equally balanced between down- and uptempo stuff, combining IDM synths and germanic Ableton beats with acidic touches here and there, these compilations have easily been of my favorites when it comes to the 'freestyle' sound. Overall a serious counter proposition to the 'lounge' sound of Paris or Vienna, for example (both scenes have released some really interesting records, but IMO also a lot of uninspired crap). Reminds me a bit of Hydrogen Dukebox (they share Norken aka Metamatics) or Clear, in the sense that these labels were also pigeon-holed as 'electronica' while they didn't actually sticked to a certain sound, promoting producers rather than genres or styles.

Many artists come from the drum'n'bass, nu-funk and future jazz scene, like The Green Man, Hidden Agenda, Fehlmann & Louise, Telescope, housey Matt Flores, or the magnificent Kabuki. There are also some rather heavyweight guys here like Hardfloor (as Dadamnphreeknoizphunk) or Christopher Just, side by side with Clatterbox , Brothomstates, even BOC. Or sweet tech stuff from the likes of SCSI-9, Delsin's Aardvarck, Lowtec and the great Swimmingpool project (Antonelli Electr. & Michael Scheibenreiter, also one half of Phoneheads). The sound is rather indescribable, I could sum up saying only it's futuristic urban music for everyone. I also appreciate a lot that many side-projects here put out stuff that's really different from what they usually do.
Other label guests have also been Staubgold's Ekkehard Elhers (aka Betrieb aka Auch), Stefan Schneider (aka Mapstation) and Hanno Leichtmann (aka Static of CCO).

It's true a Combination vinyl is a rare sight down here. I only have Traffic II (2LP) and I've seen another 12" during the last six years. Still, these two CDs have been keeping me company for a long long time. I consider them to be daytime music, still the choice is up to you. Τotally recommended for all.

VA - Combination Traffic 2001
Info here.

VA - Combination Traffic II 2002
Info here.

(If someone has a rip of Traffic III, please let me know).

k2O, Musica Obscura

So, evidently, this one isn't listed in Discogs...

It's a compilation of tracks released on k2O Records, Kanzleramt's experimental electronics sub-label, specially compiled as a label showcase for Freeze magazine, the longest standing (though more or less sad) greek mag on electronic music. Possibly around 2003.

If you're familiar with the sound of k2O Records you should definitely get this; know that many tracks appeared on CD first time here (and possibly never again).
For those who don't know k2O, it was an output for Kanzleramt's artists and guests for stuff that didn't fit into the original concept. From the more abstract electronics a la Lux Nigra or DIN to glitchy deep tech or monotone breaks, for me it has always been a welcome deep dive into Berlin's dark heart. Interesting and daring, k2O acted as a much needed counterpoint to mother label's melodic yet aggressive techno (a mentality to be envied, especially today). Appearing here are the usual Kanzleramt boys plus famous (yet even unexpected) guests in disguise, check the links thoroughly.
Though Kanzleramt still releases some 12"s once in a while, k2O is defunct for some years.
I'd also recommend the already posted 'Art Is A Division Of Pain' trilogy. (P.S. For more check here).

VA - 2003 Musica Obscura, a k2O showcase
Info here.

Due to the lack of a scanner I wasn't able to provide a cover. Maybe in the future...

P.S. I did the Discogs post, soon to be full with covers and all. I'll repost this one then.


- Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law. -

If he was still alive it would be his birthday today (and he would be 133 years old), so I kind of owe this to him. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... (menacing bongos and snare drum roll) The Great Beast himself.

This is a compilation of various recordings he did on wax cylinder (the recorders of the era) about a century ago, repressed many times in more modern formats since the '80s (check here), though the first one must have been this. Contains extracts from rituals, readings of his poems, a praise to the american people, even some singing. Found in various rips from the different pressings around the net (it's rather common as 'The Great Beast Speaks'). I don't exactly remember which is the one I have (I just kept the best rip I found), though they're all almost identical.

Aleister Crowley - 1910-1914 The Wax Cylinders recordings

To always be remembered as teacher, user, philosopher, scoundrel, evangelist, free man.

- Love Is The Law, Love Under Will. -

Ghost In The Shell

As I said before, I decided to post here some more visually focused stuff, so here is one of my top five anime films of all time.

Ghost In The Shell (1995)

688x348, XviD, 1.4GB, 83'
Language: Japanese, incl. english subtitles (.srt)
IMDb Link:
Director: Mamoru Oshii
Description: Based on the manga by Masamune Shirow.
Usually mentioned either in comparison with William Gibson's work or for its influence on the Matrix trilogy. It was also the first anime to target the European and US market at the same time as the Japanese, of course. Obviously focusing a lot on technology, cyber fetishism and the concept of the 'ghost', the plot is rather typical; just there to get things rolling, because the true protagonists of this epic are its heroes' and villains' existential quests, reminiscent in a way of Blade Runner (which imo has been the greatest influence on GITS, and not only in its aesthetics).
A classic.

Info and download links here.

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