k2O, Musica Obscura

So, evidently, this one isn't listed in Discogs...

It's a compilation of tracks released on k2O Records, Kanzleramt's experimental electronics sub-label, specially compiled as a label showcase for Freeze magazine, the longest standing (though more or less sad) greek mag on electronic music. Possibly around 2003.

If you're familiar with the sound of k2O Records you should definitely get this; know that many tracks appeared on CD first time here (and possibly never again).
For those who don't know k2O, it was an output for Kanzleramt's artists and guests for stuff that didn't fit into the original concept. From the more abstract electronics a la Lux Nigra or DIN to glitchy deep tech or monotone breaks, for me it has always been a welcome deep dive into Berlin's dark heart. Interesting and daring, k2O acted as a much needed counterpoint to mother label's melodic yet aggressive techno (a mentality to be envied, especially today). Appearing here are the usual Kanzleramt boys plus famous (yet even unexpected) guests in disguise, check the links thoroughly.
Though Kanzleramt still releases some 12"s once in a while, k2O is defunct for some years.
I'd also recommend the already posted 'Art Is A Division Of Pain' trilogy. (P.S. For more check here).

VA - 2003 Musica Obscura, a k2O showcase
Info here.

Due to the lack of a scanner I wasn't able to provide a cover. Maybe in the future...

P.S. I did the Discogs post, soon to be full with covers and all. I'll repost this one then.

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