Trance Atlantic I & II

From the Volume label, in the same spirit as the 'Trance Europe Express' series.

After having a big impact on the European scene with three or four TEX volumes, in a big way defining (UK's) perspective on 'techno', 'trance' and 'electronica' and establishing/ introducing artists, the project crossed over the Atlantic and featured stuff from dance legends side by side to less known artists from USA and Canada. Of course, due to their importance and history Chicago and Detroit are much more represented here, still it more or less presents a certain picture of the then surfacing US 'rave' scene.
Many of the usual suspects are here, too much to mention (though some more are rather blatantly overlooked). A look at the artists' list will convince you. The first volume has an overall approach music-wise with a slight emphasis on Detroit artists, while the second one points a bit more towards Chicago.

All tracks were exclusive back then, though later some surfaced in compilations or re-edits.
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VA - 1995 Trance Atlantic
CD1 - CD2
Info here.

VA - 1995 Trance Atlantic 2
CD1 - CD2
Info here.

Tracks 1-02 and 2-01 of Vol.1 are not included here. Sorry.

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