Savvas Georgiades is one of the few guys in Greece that managed to built a decent reputation in the european techno scene since the early days.
Through the '90s he deejayed and recorded as DJ Savage; lately he's known through his releases in Treibstoff, Morris/Audio and Tongut by the name of Novatek. He's also the owner of Kinetik Records and has a constant (though not overtly frequent) presence in discography, contributing releases and remixes in Euro and UK labels.

This one was released through the most respectable label in Greece for the last (many) years, Poeta Negra, a strange attractor of extraordinary culture and weird music right from the heart of sub-capital Salonica, the northern Greek gray metropolis by the sea. Experimental electronics collide with dreamy/ noisy post-rock marathons, ambient scapes with industrial bangers. In one of its rather accessible releases, presented here under his electro moniker Neuro D, Savvas Georgiades builds loopy electrofunk constructs on the Duesseldorf-Miami axis with a slight '80s EBM tint, similar to early Rother releases, slightly more synth-based and always funky.

For compulsive electro heads, I consider this one mandatory.

Neuro D - 2002 Audiomatik
Info here.

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