Into Forever

Infinite sweetness by guitar hero Manual and Alexander Perls or Icebreaker International (once part of Piano Magic).

Out through a sub-label of Berlin's 'pop' emblematic Morr Music, this music is destined to be transmitted from Antares, "... a deep-space probe fitted with high powered audio projectors..." after his launch in May 2011 from Novgorod, Russia, towards the nebula NGC 10007 (though I have yet to find even a tiny piece of info on that mission..). The sound nods sleepily towards the shoegaze direction (down?), post-Fripp guitars blend with post-Eno abstract electronics, like a glossy 'No Pussyfooting' (but sounding a bit retro instead of cutting-edge). The funny thing is that '90s shoegaze didn't sound so '70s-like. Still, the outcome is exceptionally good, relaxing and spacey. Ambient.

This release is backed up by both RISAcorp (?) and NATOarts (a sponsor of old for the I.I., old site here). Creepy, to say the least.

Icebreaker International & Manual - 2003 Into Forever
Info here.

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