It's been some time since I encountered the term 'techfunk'. Though it's out of fashion for a decade or so, it was really big in the UK during the '90s and describes this amalgam of house, techno and electronic funk that originated as an idea in Detroit but was willingly adopted (and quickly transformed) by important names of the UK scene; Aubrey comes to mind, Leftfield with Offshoot, Russ Gabriel and the Ferox 'techno soul' scene (*), the Subtech label and early Circulation stuff. We might say it was the closest the UK got to the Detroit feeling. It mostly stayed underground, yet sometimes it surfaced and gave the occasional hit, like with this album by Dave Angel.
It's rather hard to add more to his bio in Discogs or here. I'll just have to say that his label Rotation was a constant reference for me and I believe it seriously upgraded the quality of continental and UK techno with its level of sophistication, without losing the hard edge or the dance feeling.
I also never did quite grasp why most people defined Dave Angel's music as just 'techno'. I mean, he's definitely influenced more by funk and house, with jazzy elements and even '80s electro and hip-hop references, while the definitely repetitive form of many of his tracks might be traced to the harder side of Chicago or UK acid house, especially in this one (out in '97). Later he got rather harder. This genre thing is crap anyway, just don't think you're about to hear banging stuff, it's much more than that.

Dave Angel - 1997 Globetrotting
Info here.

This was a request, but also a good opportunity to travel back in time a bit. Next stop, Aubrey.

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