Alexander Neumann aka Alex Cortex first appeared in the mid '90s. The passage of time showed that his creativity was endless as his releases became a flood (without compromises in the quality or diversification of the material released). I first encountered his name in the first Kanzleramt CD compilation (curiously named 'Five'); through other established labels like Source Records (*), Klang Elektronik and recently Platzhirsch/ Kahlwild, he built a solid underground reputation even though commercial success eluded him (and still does).

I could only define his style as close to Move D or similar crossover artists, a bit more Detroit than deephouse oriented (for a smart dancefloor though). Collaborations with Lopazz in his early crucial 12''s and now as Bad Cop Bad Cop and releases in other labels are scarce compared to his output in his own Pathmusick netlabel, where the main volume of his work is offered free.

In these fifteen unnamed tracks you'll find everything you can expect from a Source record. Sweet ambient, Detroit references (Carl Craig mostly), jazzy electro, minimal deep techno, laidback grooves, acid, it's all there solid and sound for your pleasure. More sweet and smooth than some of his future releases. Grassy like the knoll, I'd say.

Alex Cortex - 2000 Laconic
Info here.

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