Sunday Island

I had promised this one. Michael Peter and Martin Retschitzegger aka Hi-Lo aka Rhythmiker vs Ratio aka The Memory Foundation present themselves here as Glory B, releasing this one in Minifunk(*).

Hailing from Vienna, now living in Berlin, they're giving us here some tough and deep dubby ('90s style) minimalism with that extra hallucinatory factor that's always appreciated. Beyond the typical Salz and Berlin influences, Detroit references are more than enough and at times they bring me to mind Bandulu or Bushflange. There are deep moments as well as hard tracks, all with that extra special something; its head-on mentality must have made it a sure hit in the spanish techno dens. Personal favorites are 'Glory Morning' and 'E-Dub', while 'Multiple Suns' can only be compared with Brihka's 'Groove La Chord'. And if you're a fan of the neo-Detroit scene, just don't let it pass.

Uncompromising, cerebral, truly underground techno, an excellent example of a well hidden quality album.

Glory B - 2001 Multiple Suns
Info here.

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