The Detroit Escalator Co.

Some more forgotten jewels.

Neil Ollivierra aka The Detroit Escalator Co. has been an active part of the Detroit scene since very early, yet with only scarce releases through the last decade. An obviously talented musician (just one among other artistic skills), first released two 12"s in 1996. The first of these was included in his later first LongPlay 1996 release "Soundtrack [313]" on Russ Gabriel's Ferox Records, now deactivated. A personal top ten of all times album, it's an ambient masterpiece and simply one of the best sounds to ever come out from Detroit.

Later Peacefrog took care of all D.E.C. releases, starting in 2000 with the "Black Buildings EP", most of which was included in the "Black Buildings" album. During the same year, both of the first 12"s along with a yet unreleased track appeared in "Excerpts". Later on in 2003 a remix track appeared in Charles Webster's "Remixed in the 24th of July", and in 2006 a Ltd.Ed. (see previous post) 10" "Blue Science/Between Dubnotes EP".

Again, so few have heard of The Detroit Escalator Co., it's a shame. Although after "[313]" all releases became more introvert and never peaked that high (personal opinion), they're still important to have and to listen too. When I'll be able to upload from vinyl, I'll post the rest of them. For now:

The Detroit Escalator Co. - 1996 Soundtrack [313]
Info here.

The Detroit Escalator Co. - 2000 Black Buildings EP
Info here.

The Detroit Escalator Co. - 2001 Black Buildings
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

Charles Webster - Put your hurt aside (The Dub & Space Mix by The Detroit Escalator Co.)
taken from this compilation

P.S. I realize Ferox is revived through digital only releases. Hope it goes well, GO AND BUY '[313]' if you find it there.

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