Motor City Machine Music

Something old.

This is a compilation issued in 2005 of Cybotron tracks released on Fantasy label from 1982 to 1985 with two X-Ray tracks from 1987. For the oldschool fans mostly, as most of these are in mono and sound like they were transferred from tape (which probably is the truth anyway).

Interesting view in the first steps of Juan Atkins, although I would emphasize a little bit the influence of Rick Davis aka 3070 on the whole concept and theory that gave Cybotron its special character and later was copied by all Detroit. Major influence sounds to be Kraftwerk as far as the sounds and rhythm go but the music genre I'd say is Space Funk, dopey and jazzy and dreamy stuff flowing over those robotic beats. It's a reminder for all those who forget the influence of '70s soul-r'n'b-funk music on electro.

Cybotron - 2005 Motor City Machine Music.
An Exploration Of Cybotron
Part 1 - Part 2
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