Abstract Thoughts

Not much to say about this. Abstract Thought is another moniker of Drexciya, an one-off project released in Kombination Records (home of The Advent) in 2002.

Interestingly, it's a mostly 4/4 techno beat driven album, fully compatible with other releases of the Kombination label (though slower). Drexciyan electro funk is also included of course, all the custom fat sounds are here with an extra melodic, almost pop touch.

Yet it was not released in vinyl. I never understood that. Because of that it didn't got the support or recognition it deserved. (P.S. Correction here.)

Corresponding to each track a number of Hypothetical Situations are noted in the booklet. I'll transfer them here, along with the playlist. Consider this:

1. Bermuda Triangle
(What if the triangle pivoted over the island of Jamaica, what would become of the population?)
2. Synchronized Dimensions
(What if we existed within three planes of reality simultaneously?)
3. Me Want Woman's Punani
(What if for one week, male sex organs became petrified, how much punani could the average man consume?)
4. Consequences Of Cloning
(What if they cloned a perfect human specimen, but did they clone the perfect god given spirit for this specimen?)
5. Solar Pulse
(What if a solar flare ten thousands time larger than the average flare were emitted, how would this electromagnetic wave effect electrical and communication systems on earth?)
6. Galactic Rotation
(What if the galaxy were thrown off its normal cycle due to dark energy emissions from black holes?)

Abstract Thought - 2002 Hypothetical Situations
Info here.

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