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After the Kanzleramt years and aided by the impact of 'Sex With The Machines' album in the electro world, Antony Rother made a new home for his puristic electronics, the Psi49net label. Participating in almost every release as musician or producer, he slowly built a new school electro sound.

With total respect to Kraftwerk and the Miami/Detroit masters, with seemingly simple but totally effective programming and bass heavy but still clear analog production, focusing on the funkiness of the robotic beats and on spacious melancholic ambiences, he paved a road lots were soon going to follow. Similar only to the electro side of The Advent and the more Detroit oriented of the Clone/Bunker guys, totally oblivious of the 'electroclash' crap fad of the time, he played his robofunk around the world, collaborated with Karl Bartos and a hundred more, published the magnificent 'Little Computer People' project and ruled. Even Electrolux records decided at this time to have a more electro output and gave us Microlux, on which Rother had the first release. Sometimes the bass is so full and the breaks so groovy and shuffled that it's hard to mix Rother with other tracks without them sounding weak.

Then he abandonded the Psi49net projects, created Datapunk and changed his style a little to fit the emerging electro techno current, still with quality results. Nowdays Datapunk is well known with releases by Sven Vaeth and Kiko (respect!) and all the younger & emerging new heroes of the 'scene', etc., etc., and stands beside Great Stuff, Craft and all these great commercial german labels.

But PsiCity is different. For me only 'Bad To The Bone' had the same drive thereafter. Truly underground stuff, with totally special sound, it will always have a place in my heart. This 2CD compilation packs some of Rother's 'hits' ('Don't Stop The Beat', 'Simulationszeitalter', etc.) along with lots of unreleased tracks by all artists of PsiCity, all interesting and some just excellent. Downtown CD dives deep into dancefloor electro funk Afrogermanic style, while the Uptown CD variates through electro pop, IDM, electro techno bangers and melancholic vocoder ballads.

I dont' really remember where I got the Piano mix of 'God of the Gods'... but it's nice.

Anthony Rother presents Electro Commando 1 -
2002 Welcome To PsiCity

Part 1 - Part 2 Downtown CD.
Part 1 - Part 2 Uptown CD.
God Of the Gods (Piano Mix)
Info here

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