The Forest Trilogy

Again, not much to say. Another Wolfgang Voigt project, GAS released 1st album at 1996 and this trilogy during the next four years at the legendary Mille Plateaux, along with some remixes here and there, mostly in Kompakt.
Mostly using strings and FX over a bass drum, W.Voigt manages a wall of sound totally psychedelic and lyrical, yet unsettling and spooky. The first two albums are deep and dark, sometimes like a blizzard on the Mountain of Magic mentioned in the title, sometimes like a night ride through a thick forest. 'Pop' is different, more ethereal, based on flute and harp samples. Comes like the sunrise to scatter the fears, still the feeling of awe is there.

GAS - 1997 Zauberberg [MillePlateauCD45]
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here

GAS - 1999 Koenigsforst [MillePlateauCD65]
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here

GAS - 2000 Pop [MillePlateauCD83]
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here

'Koenigsforst' was downloaded from Square Dancing In A Round House blog, go there and read Voigt's interview also (thanx man).

Soon I'll upload the first one.


square dancer said...

Hi! Thanks a lot for Zauberberg. Also eager to hear the first one, it's obviously very different from the later ones. I could up a rip of the Oktember 12" if you haven't got it.

Nightlight said...

Actually not so different, more basic channel-like. As for the 12", YES PLEASE. Thanx

Shah said...

OH MY GOD!!! Thank you SOOO much for this!! I've been trying to find GAS - 1997 Zauberberg for soooooo long! I can't thank you enough! =)

bobbysu said...

thank you very much