Eau de Cologne

Fly back to grandma continent.

In 1998 Kompakt label was officially born. From very early, founders W.Voigt, J.Paape and M.Mayer tried to establish its name as a pop culture phenomenon through the standard use of custom graphic design (following the Profan/Auftrieb example), their city as a symbol and, more importantly, custom sounds. All labels aimed for the spreading of this special kind of trance derived and house infected minimal techno, trademarked as 'Cologne minimalism'. Obviously did a VERY good job, as now Kompakt is as large as it can get, the Cologne sound is everywhere and Michael Mayer is rightly considered one of the best and more respected DJs internationally.

Back then apparently he needed a little introducing. As far as I know, this is his first released mix CD, released by Neuton. Fully promoting the local sound by the Voigt brothers, Joerg Burger, Jurgen Paape, etc., alongside some close friends' work (Herbert, R.Fluegel, etc) and some personal contributions (Zimt, Forever Sweet).

Try to place that CD where it belongs, in 1998. At that time only the Basic Channel posse was in a similar path in Germany, while outside Detroit the world danced to disco house, psy trance and was happily shocked by Daft Punk. Maximalism at its peak, I'd say. Anyway. I like Kompakt better at it's later era, where it had established a balance between the neu trance aesthetics and the monomaniac glitchy tool tracks. Still, it's a rare CD to listen and it's nice to spot that Mayer was playing back then with the same attitude he still does.

Everytime I hear 'Fackeln Im Strum' after all these years it still feels the same.

VA - 1998 Mix CD
Kompakt Koeln praesentiert Michael Mayer

Part 1 - Part 2

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