[feis] was an short-lived label activated at the millennium turn. It was based in Stuttgart as I gather, run by two until recently unknown persons, that nevertheless influenced subtly yet greatly the evolution of modern dance music.
We are talking about the chiefs (and main artists) of the older incarnation of Monoid (older techno fans will surely remember this label) and partners in Plastic City's Soda Inc. and Lexicon. One of them is Len Faki aka Lamonde, better known now for his recent releases in Club Berghain's quality techno label Ostgut Tontraeger. Later he also established Figure and Podium. The other is Jost Gerisher aka Jon Silva, owner of Cologne's Pesto house label.

Borrowing from German techno and the French neo-electro scene, its releases were so difficult to pinpoint by an conventional ear that (with few exceptions) they remained in relative obscurity. Shortly after this mixed CD compilation (sadly there never was a Vol.2) the ship was abandoned, as their distributor went broke. As for their music, all I can say is that it's no joke at all. A multinational, futuristic mix of weird techno and weirder electro with many hard Chicago touches, sometimes spiked with acid and even jazz, always aiming for the throat.

Other artists released here were the mighty Bolz Bolz, New Yorker John Selway, crazy Englishman Si Begg, The Hacker, Jason Leech of Subhead, old Plastic City friend Kriss Dior or else Bassface Sascha, dark minimalist Rotorik (later TET) and Denard Henry. Every release has something interesting to say and a certain edge in them, pointing the way towards the future to come. This all-merging, experimenting mentality showcases better itself in the few wonderful albums, Selway's 'Edge Of Now', Bolz Bolz electro classic 'Human Race' and the weirdest of them all, Lamonde's 'Music For Some Place Other Than This' (no other title could be more adequate).

Few tracks made it as hits (supported largely by the Turbo posse), like Si Begg's 'Welcome To The Discotheque' (first on Mosquito), Bolz's 'Take A Walk' (with a Dima aka Vitalic remix), or Selway's 'Moving Effortless'.

A good insight on a mostly unknown label, presenting some not at all unknown artists.

VA - 2002, Feis Labelcompilation Vol.1
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

P.S.: As I found out here, the label is revived with a new release.

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