Exhibition Of The Samples

Do you like minimal techno? The '90s? Brinkmann-like grooves? Post-industrial minimalism? Japanese experimentations? B/W artwork? Well, you're lucky.
This is Riou Tomita's world. This album, recorded in his bedroom, reached the world through Belgium's legendary KK Records. It's a solid, repetitive, spacious techno affair with eerie interludes, tainted by the isolationist mentality that often characterizes artists from Japan. The outcome is somewhere close to late PWOG's mini-grooves and Plastikman' s 'Artifacts' era, only a bit edgier and darker (...).
Two or three tracks I was playing constantly back then and for some time. They mix well with Detroit minimal. Sadly I don't have any other releases from him.
KK Records are an incredible source of weird and beautiful music, and maybe the best example of how experimentation and dancefloor aesthetics can be combined without compromising either one's principles.

Riou - 1995 Exhibition Of The Samples
Info here.


philanoia said...

This is unique and outstanding. I had been looking for this for some time. Thanks as always.

aethr said...

I have two more CD's by RIOU that continue on this track.. excellent.

Nightlight said...

Actually I only have some tracks in compilations, so if u have a way of posting them somewhere please let me (us) know, ok?
It's nice to see people giving credit to some of the weirdest stuff posted here.

aethr said...

Am not near my CD collection, but if I don't forget, might rip them and post them for you.

If you don't hear again in a while, feel free to remind me.

Nightlight said...

Don't worry, I have similar problems... Take your time

Paxjorge said...

I bought this one when it came out, haven't put it on in a long time! great blog night, too bad about aethr...

aethr said...

As a reminder, comment again in a few weeks and I'll post the two others; Cone of Confusion and Pops.

aethr said...

Ok ppl did my homework, so here you have it:

Riou - Cone of Confusion


Riou - Pops


New scans of the Exhibition of the Samples artwork as well: