Elektrotehnika Slavenika

Electronics from the Republic of Slovenia, the more or less richest and most privileged ex-Yugo country, that luckily stayed out of the wars in the area during the '90s. Thanks to its position people from there always had a direct access to mid-Europe countries, and Slovenia is part of EU for some time now. As a result of all these, electronic music from Slovenia has circulated widely since very early.
I guess the incredible Laibach were the first to draw attention during the '80s, through the Mute label of course, as well as Borghesia (through Play It Again Sam), leaving a dark industrial heritage to the younger ones, that was nevertheless happily adopted and cultivated. During the Post-Yugo (and rave) era followed the Trans Slovenia Express compilation (later there was also a Vol.Two), a tribute to Kraftwerk which introduced us some of the newer wave of electronics 'artists. I heard again of Random Logic at about 1997 (from TEEx#5). Few years later Umek, Kanzyani and their friends were wrecking house and techno dancefloors under their various disguises, while Octex is a constant in quality electronics and deepness (and a personal favorite).
By 2000, the Wire magazine gave out this free CD compilation along with #199, showcasing the above mentioned (by many names) along with some more unknown or newcomers (Temponauta, Rotor, Ouroborots). The key word here is obviously Techno, mostly Basic Channel and Detroit inspired, sometimes hard sometimes housey, often with experimental tendencies and electro touches. A solid compilation, it still sounds fresh and interesting. For all fans of Deep Techno, listen to this. Also contains two wicked electro tracks by Plasma Vortex (?) and by the great Zeta Reticula project of Umek, that released four 12'' gems in Billy Nasty's Electrix.
Many european and UK techno labels supported Slovenian artists, no others than Primate, Monoid, Superbra, Potential, Tortured, etc, especially in the early '00s techno uprise. And many labels were as well created by them to release their own stuff. I remember Tehnika since a long time, even though I now have nothing and it seems to be inactive for some time. Recycled Loops and sub Earresistible of Umek/Kanzyani have already left a mark in recent club music, as newer Astrodisco will probably do. More experimental PharmaFabrik seems also to be doing well.
By no means I am an expert in Slovenia music, I just like it a lot. I may have some wrong info here. If someone out there has anything to share on the Slovenian scene or point us to an forum (in English, if possible) I'd be more than happy to hear.

VA - 2000, Elektrotehnika Slavenika
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

P.S. The Zeta Reticula 12''s are in Trian's blog (here).

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