Films For All

I've been digging some time in the crates of this site. Incredibly interesting and hard-to-find movies from all kinds of fields of cinematography and documentaries, this site really fills my movie time at home (I really hate TV right now, if I watch another ad my head will explode).
From trash to art and back again, contained herein are hundreds of weird and beautiful pieces of work from everyone you can think of and the final effect is actually more than you can handle. David Lynch and Jesus Franco, Terry Gilliam and Wong Kar Wai, R.W.Fassbinder and giallo, Alejandro Jodorowsky and East Europe realism, Brothers Quay and the Emmanuella series, witches and bitches, the list goes on for long. And Pam Grier's '70s films, for the love of your God. And Kenneth Anger and Laloux and blah blah blah.
I think a big THANX should go out for these great movies fans that share their treasures with us. Tread your way with respect in there, because they've surely earned it.

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