This is one of the early releases of the Finn boy wonder Vladislav Delay released in the same year with the 'Ele' album, 1999. Out in Phthalo, the label of Phthalocyanine, weird-breaks artist relatively known through early Plug Research and with releases and compilation appearances in Planet Mu, Klangkrieg and Mille Plateaux.

Here dear Sasu follows the Panasonic path of techno - old equipment, minimal attitude, experimentation. This one-record project in a way set the ground for the future Uusitalo outputs, yet without the (later developed) sense of groove. Definitely a cerebral project. In my opinion, despite some brilliant moments it doesn't reach the heights of later albums. Still it's interesting to hear and curiously has more similarities to today's music than, say, the incredible 'Multila'.

Sistol - 1999, selftitled
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jessica said...

i'm so in love with sasu('s work) right now. 'entain' most of all. a late, late thank you for this!