We've met Etienne De Crécy before in the Motorbass posts (*,*). Here's his last solo project, an album of great craftsmanship and undeniable beauty; I'll only say that it's kept me company for all these years without losing even a drop of its appeal.

Where 'Pansoul' was a nocturnal urban affair, this one is full of sunlight and melodies - expect slo-mo filter disco, electronic funk and breaks, plus lots of twisted synths and sensual voices. Its commercial success was rather easy to predict; it rightly deserved all the attention it got. I also posted the remix compilation released a couple of years later, mostly top notch french house at its weirdest, along with three included videos.

Although Zdar continues releasing stuff as Cassius, I've lost de Crecy's tracks. An early retirement, possibly?

Etienne de Crécy - 2000 Tempovision
Info here.

Etienne de Crécy - 2002 Tempovision Remixes
Info here.

Etienne de Crécy - 2002 Tempovision Videos

More from him later on.

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s o l e p o w e r said...

the tempovision videos is a GREAT addition . Many THanks