Life's A Gas

One of Wolfgang Voigt's peak moments in my opinion, collecting his mature work as Love Inc.,out through Force Inc. From groovy techno to sample based chilled soundscapes, his minimalistic approach and those beloved and characteristic obsessions of his leave us little room to comment on - you'll either love it or just pass it by. As for the final track, I could listen to it anytime, anywhere, on repeat for hours.

Love Inc. - 1995 Life's A Gas
Info here.

I've been playing it a lot these hard days, so I'd thought I'd share it. CD rip by UOU...


tankterrain said...

I can just agree with you on this one. Ive been playing it ever since my brother played it too me back in 2008 or something.

Amazing track, would love to get a hold of more Love Inc.

Cheers mate!

soma8 said...

Thank you a ton for the upload, pimp. I have become a Kompakt addict, with an especial fondness for anything by the Voigt brothers. I can't wait to add this record to the mix.