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I first watched the outstanding 'Lucky People Center International' film in a VHS copy, at about the same time I watched 'Modulations' (*) and 'Synthetic Pleasures'; at about 1999, I think.

I knew nothing of LPC, save that they were a Swedish collective. Took me 5 or 6 years to find out bits about them, and only thanks to sites like imdb, discogs, etc. The film was actually made by Erik Pauser and Johan Söderberg (definitely check his adorable site for more); some info here. Bringing in mind Coldcut's audio/video sampledelic cut-ups and musically focusing on fast acidic beats, the film is a trip around the globe, people-focused and compassionate. Using fast-paced editing followed by gentle breaks of stillness and heart-aching beauty, the film touches on trivia such as alternate states of consciousness, the importance of dancing and singing, the clash between free will and society's restrictions; and of course death. Human stuff, you know. I was actually planning on posting the film itself, when I found out that it's reprinted on DVD and it's available for sale through one of the the directors' shop. It's so good it'd be a shame of you to pass it by.

So, I choose to post their breaks influenced debut CD instead. But I still think that the 'just music' CD version lacks a bit when compared to the original video cut-ups; just check this one, then go to soderberg.tv, press 'Musicvideo', then 'LPC' and click on 'Rodney King' or 'Live In The World' and you'll know what I mean.

LPC - 1993 Welcome to Lucky People Center
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