When looking for something relaxed and soothing for the ear to listen to, the Electrolux (*) section of my shelves is one of the first places I check. And despite several mediocre and rather boring releases and their million thematic compilations that more or less recycle their catalog ad infinitum, I have to admit I have a soft spot for them and their glossy brand of electronics.

This is one of my favorite Electrolux albums, coming from the Aural Float project - aka label constants Alex Azary and Gabriel Le Mar with the participation of Pascal F.E.O.S.; hosts of the SpaceNight TV show and a focal project for Electrolux, which defined its style and aesthetics in a big way. Besides the typical downtempo relaxed electronics with occasional dubby effects, they also go uptempo with trancey edges and use vocals snippets from various artists, more notably Anthony Rother (*) in electro highlight "New Frontiers"; while vocoder-candy "Switching The Wave Of Thought" should be Electrolux' official theme track.

Aural Float - 2001 Freefloat
Info here.

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