Circulation. Abstract Funk Theory

From Obsessive's Abstract Funk Theory series, this is the one compiled by Circulation (*); it's unmixed and, along with Carl Craig's, my personal favorite of the lot.

Tech, house and electro sweetness by artists already presented in this blog, like Carl Craig (*), Carl Finlow (*) and themselves; plus from The Timewriter, Atjazz, Touche!'s Jamez vs. H.P.Vince and an early Bushwacka!. Despite the compilation's global representation and chronological variety, it sounds tight and stylish without losing its clubbish character, allowing us a glimpse of the late '90s UK techhouse/ techfunk/ whatever sound.

Sounds good in the summer heat too; hadn't noticed that before.

VA - 2001 Circulation. Abstract Funk Theory
Info here.

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