Tec House Living

A groovy mixed compilation, the first of Jesse Rose back from 1998, through Subversive Records (also see the Liquid California compilation).

Showcasing what was commonly thought as the UK tech house sound, contains tracks by local heavyweights like Jamie Anderson, Dave Angel, Charles Webster, Cevin Fisher and a newbie called Vince Watson, plus a couple of highly influential guests like John Tejada, Maurice Fulton, Steve Rachmad and Orlando Voorn (with early classic 'Flash').

In all, a great track list and a lively mix, full of emotional and energetic house anthems with that extra techfunk touch. I remember playing in sets that Plastic Avengers/C.Fisher mix a lot, possibly the only time I did something similar (I had neither the tracks themselves nor a way to edit them yet). Freaks came out.

VA - 1998 The Deeper Sound Of Bristol presents
Tec House Living
Info here.

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