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He used to call himself Prince of Techno.

Well, I don't know about that. But the first time I heard 'When We Used To Play' I almost cried. I like his DJ style, hard and fast yet accessible and definitely sexy for the ladies. He played his part in the whole Detroit-Berlin thing, with his Tresor collaboration - I think he was the first one to go there to live and work and DJ. And his vocal contributions, his trademark and an example to many (the recent ones no less) are always interesting, either mood-fueled stoned whispers and deepnight mumblings, or mating calls and aggressive declarations. As a musician he's not the greatest you've listened to, but his tracks' power drive and his expressive persona are reasons enough to get you moving.

This is a Disko Bomb.
It's a house record; with its raw, percussive tracks spiced with disco samples and vocal snippets, the whole album points directly to Chicago. Still, he's an artist from Detroit releasing in a label from Munich, so things get complicated - he's quirky, rough and all-out house at the same time. Speed these tracks up and they fit in any techno set, can even be used as tools and blended together with little effort. House for bangers, fit for DJ Hell's sets. The 'techno' label underneath is there just to give you a hint of this.

When I first heard it, I honestly didn't like it much. As time passes, while its age is showing, I feel I get it better now in a way. It's not rare, but I don't remember to have seen it anywhere, especially around the share net.

Blake Baxter - 1995 The Vault
Info here.

P.S. I was informed that the rip had accidentally been a 128kbps one, so I re-uploaded it in 320. First posted 2009-06-18.
P.S.#2 Link updated

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