So, it's about time I take my family and drop out of concrete Babylon City for a few weeks. I'm dead tired, nerves shattered and in so much need to cut off from everything regarding work and the like that I cannot wait to get as far away as I can from here. It won't be that far though...

Since it will be rather impossible to be able to post from where I'm going (though I might still be able to comment), I'd decided to leave you with a few of the CDs that I'll take with me for the trip; compilations of artists that I love and respect and would like everyone to check them out. Nothing rare or really fancy, but no fillers here either - just pure quality.

Besides being my unofficial summer score for the last umpteen years and so anyway, dub/reggae will always have its place in my heart, as it was the first music that dragged me towards the light. Explaining myself: on a musical/technical level, towards a deeper understanding of production and music creation; on a social level, by giving me a valid example of a culture whose people were outright wronged and mistreated, yet still manage to praise their god and support loving one another. But most of all, dub in my mind is the synonym of the union of the 'opposites'; the merging of the earthly and the extra-terrestrial, mind and body united; lost in smoke and thinking clear at the same time. That such a deeply rooted music, expressing almost strictly primal feelings and ancient thoughts, could prove to be the most forward thinking sonic movement in the 20th century; that from such poor conditions came out an outcome so great that influenced all music that came after it; my mind cannot grab it in whole, the greatness of their work - except for short flashes, when after the tail of a space-echoed voice the whole band slams in your face and you feel fingers playing and drum and bass slamming on your chest. I will always keep those people in my heart because simply they show me the way.

Now, since I've already posted some Lee Perry records (*,*,*) I've left him out of this one.

Starting with the once and always King, I'll only say that Osbourne Ruddock was for me the best producer that ever walked on this earth. Simple as that.

King Tubby & Soul Syndicate - 1996 Freedom Sounds In Dub
Info here.

Produced by King Tubby are also most (or all?) of these tracks by Augustus Pablo, focusing more on sentimental hazy melodies to pave his way through Babylon. A man of the heart and the mind alike.

Augustus Pablo - 2000 Dub, Reggae & Roots From The Melodica King
Info here.

Prince Jammy, one of Tubby's pupils tries out some more workouts on various artists' classic tracks with excellent results.

Prince Jammy - 1999 The Crowning Of Prince Jammy
Info here.

And last but not at all least, Horace Andy and his exceptional voice trying to break our hearts (and succeeding), then to mend them back stronger.

Horace Andy - 1997 The Prime Of Horace Andy
Info here (also see here).

So, have a nice time everyone and take care of yourselves and the world. See ya.


Anonymous said...

"Permanent Vacation" for you team... See ya.

Rokas said...

dont leave us here !
have a nice holiday , im just DIGGING your blog , it opened me alot of new waters

JAM said...

great blog, enjoy the vacation...we'll be waiting for your return.

jɔt said...

Oh, I'm definitely going to check out that Augustus Pablo one; I've only read good things about him and am really in the mood for some dub now.

Have a most splendid "cut-off"!

kieran said...

enjoy the break man