Sometimes I check the red spots on the globe to your right. I put it there about a year and a half, or something, when the previous map crashed. I don't have a tool to track down each and everyone IP that accidentally passed from here; I kind of loath them actually. But I think it's nice to know that someone from, say, Chile is browsing in a deep winter night, teeth clicking, while I'm having my cold coffee sweating in an unbearable 40°C cement hell. You know.

It's no surprise that most people that pass by from here seem to be located in Europe and the Americas - music posted in this blog is both made and enjoyed primarily there. Which always makes me think how limited these forms of music truly are, at first, but then I carry on. A lot of dots in Asia as well, as if to prove me wrong; still, many countries there also have fast web connections - and strong relations to Euro and US culture. The global village and all that '70s shit, you know.

Anyway, every once in a while I see an alien name or an impossibly located dot and I get curious; and sometimes I go to google maps, wikipedia etc, to find out where that place really is, extra info, etc. Geography for the insane; guess where the spot sits on. But besides the scarce (but always exciting) hits from the African continent and from lands as distant from me as New Zealand or the deepest south of Tierra del Fuego, I have to admit that the most intriguing ones come from certain oceans' islands. Did I really had guests from Unalaska? The Mariana Islands and La Roche and Fiji? Mauritius and Réunion AND the island Rodrigues on the right, (that's actually not even tagged in Gmaps)???

More than crazy, it's a real pleasure and honor for me and a certain pride creeps in; pride not of myself (at least not much...), but of the power of the music we like and support and spread. If I was posting Lady Gaga, I would expect visits from everywhere; but that would be just a result of good marketing on her behalf. Weird electronics seem also to be more globally spread but for the techno posts I wouldn't imagine that, yet here you are all. So cool. On the other hand, there might only be ten true techno fans in XXXXland and one of them happened to visit here once; I'm still happy about it.

Which again might be just a trick of my mind. When I heard Rob Hood was to play here (it was 2002 or 2003) I could easily imagine him thinking: 'What the fuck am I going to Greece for? Everybody down there is greasy, eats souvlaki and dances syrtaki and shit'. Yet there were hundreds of people to play to; it was a great night. Mills could easily slam 2000 people overcrowding a club. What I mean is that music scenes grow in totally weird places in strange ways. Even more when we're talking about blog visits, hence about individuals visiting other individuals' pages.

Anyway, hoping these guys keep visiting here, I have to ask: where is that place in the Gulf of Guinea (south of Ghana or Ivory Coast, west of Gabon)? I started thinking that someone hacked his/hers IP to show that location. Or than Atlanteans are visiting. Or submarines with satellite connections... Or that dot south and a little to the east from Hawaii - is it French Polynesia? Mu?
Help me.

P.S. As I finished this post, I noticed someone from Hino and Chihuahua just clicked in. Joy.
P.S.#2 (2010-11-26) This South Pacific island I mentioned turned out indeed to be French Polynesia, the city of Pape'ete on Tahiti to be exact. Greetings, fellow earthlings.


Anonymous said...

"I wouldn't imagine that, yet here you are all. So cool."

Yes. ; )

Jorge en Silvie said...

as for one house lover traveling long term and away from his home in Europe, greetings from KL, Malaysia. Love your site (and found a way to get hold of one or two downloads down here).