Oldschool Detroit influenced electronics and techno in a three-pack of compilations from much respected dutch label Eevo Lute Muzique, released both there (21, 22) and as showcases for british label New Electronica (22, 23).

For those who don't know EevoLute, picture it as what you'd call the first european neo-Detroit label, except of course that it operated at the same time with the mass of third wave Detroit producers; they even had a collaboration with Planet E (12"). Anyway, if you like Delsin (*), this is its blueprint. It made a comeback some years ago as digital EevoNext.

Besides owners Florence (aka Terrace) and Wladimir M., appearing here are artists that went much bigger later like 2000&One and Ross 154 aka Newworldaquarium, plus some less known but not at all less interesting like The Keyprocessor and veteran Max 404.

In all, a totally recommended pack of retro sounding sentimental crap from the past. I only had #22 and was looking for the rest since ages ago to manage a full post; thanks to Renueh, it is now possible. Miss them at your own risk.

VA - 1993 Agenda 21. An EevoLute Compilation
Info here.

VA - 1994 Agenda 22. Another EevoLute Compilation
Info here and here.

VA - 1998 Agenda 23. Another EevoLute Compilation
Info here.

#21 and #23 probably are 320kbps CD rips; #22 surely is.

P.S. Links removed due to request from EevoLute.

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