We Never Went To Koxut Island

More sweet electronics, this time from Boulderdash; I knew nothing on them except that I liked their cover, they were from Sweden and that they had released this one in Cologne's (unknown to me) Artelier Music, through its (equally unknown) Swedish sub Recordings Under Construction.

After a recent search, I found out they are Daniel Skaborn and Hans Möller, later of the Boy Robot project with M.Zorn and CCO's chief Thaddeus Herrmann. So, they seem to be related both to their local scene (see Unai-centered Audionaut(*)), as well as to Berlin's pop electronics usual suspect label cluster (Morr, CCO, etc.). And in this album, their sound stands somewhere in between; subtly building atmospheres and using mostly sweet breaks and moody melodies, they nevertheless pay serious attention in their sounds and programming, occasionally bringing a sense of d'n'b emergency through their complex rhythms and instrumentation. I would dare to describe its sound as a cross between Berlin's late '90s IDM and liquid funk.

An underrated record that probably got lost between name changes and failed labels. Try it.

Boulderdash - 2000 We Never Went To Koxut Island
Info here.

And where is this Koxut Island, after all?

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