The Space Between The Gaps

An Incoming! compilation, including works from artists already posted in this blog (*), plus some more from the label's roster, like Cee-Mix and Andrew Lagowski.

A constantly shifting record, presents both the label's trademark chilled and detached electronic dub-based crossovers, as well as some moving, melodic drum'n'bass cuts. All tracks preserve this warm, all-encompassing, outer-space quality that made Incoming! (in)famous on nu-dub specialists, while at the same time glorifying these complex, glossy, electro-influenced loops, typical in Germany's breakbeat sound. A listening record, mostly, that would also work on an open-minded dancefloor.

Bonus CD contains just two tracks by Lemongrass, more or less similar in style to the others.

VA - 1998 The Space Between The Gaps
Info here.

Some more from Incoming! soon.

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