The Detroit Experiment

Of all the Carl Craig (*) related projects I know, this is the only one I truly have mixed feelings about. Still, it's not a Carl Craig record per se, so I'll put my doubts aside.

This album is the second one in a project that started with the Philadelphia Experiment'; attempting to "fuse the new and old musical elements of the motor city". So, basically it's full of soulful, jazzy funky trips with lots of brass and string, clashing with more 'contemporary music' forms (see: a few synths and drum machines plus rapping). The outcome favorites the live drumming and improvisational trumpet performances far more than its 'contemporary' elements - so it's okay if you're into that. On the other hand, others have managed to fuse such elements much more effectively, in my opinion as always; even Craig himself did better in his Innerzone Orchestra project.

Here it is anyway, draw your own conclusions. This was a request. Released through Ropeadope and Rycodisc for Europe; vinyl was released through Planet E. There were later released a couple of 12"s, as well as some interesting 'Think Twice' remixes through Juno Records, the most notable ones by Henric Schwarz.

The Detroit Experiment - 2003 selftitled
Info here and here.

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Rokas said...

nice blog you have got here, found it accidentally , will be coming back for more , i have had that think twice record for some time , but not interested in it all, but my friend really liked it ... thanks