Submission Replay

A compilation of remixes for Submission, an alias of Klaus Barm (unknown to me), through Shitkatapult's sub-label Meteosound.

With the originals boasting contributions by Tikiman and Paul PM in vocal duties, these versions are Berlin-heavy dub reworks by some the city's top, like Thomas Fehlmann, Sun Electric, Rechenzentrum, etc.; also from a bunch of otherwise unknown names (that could well be cameos of gods-know-who), plus a dub from The Rootsman. Ranging from down-to-earth roots dub to deep techno, covering many of the in-between crossovers, and with a few extra d'n'b touches, the outcome varies from uptempo lyric attacks to dreamy electronic drifts.

An interesting, multi-layered record, that might demand more than a couple of runs to be fully absorbed. Brings in mind the album from related austrian artist Sugar B posted here, as well as the Incoming! releases (*). It's mastered by Robert Henke, if that helps.

Submission - 2000 Replay. The Dub Remixes
Info here and (in german) here

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