I & I Produkt

OK, this post is a surprise for me.

I had bought this one almost by accident. I knew it was dubby and that it probably came from Austria, as it has the G-Stone logo on the back cover (I guessed as a distributor or something). I didn't like a lot of things from Vienna then, but the production level was always high and a lot of them are a bit crazy (the Cheap posse, Stereotyp and many more). I had also just heard the name Dub Club out of some remix-CD of Submission out in Berlin label Meteosound, (which I now realize is sub of Shitkatapult...). The CD was cheap, I took a shot. I never had a clue who Sugar B was. It was some of the heaviest dub I've heard ever and since, spooky and dark and deep and totally stoned and I was guessing the artist was some oldschool freak gone mad, that put a record out and disappeared. The only clue was that Pulsinger did some additional production and for a time I thought it was him (wrongly). Not so much of an Internet around back then...

Last night I left it playing for some times and fell asleep with it. It reminded me once again of the Submission CD (which I have to post here someday) and it still sounded really weird and smokey and in a way one of a kind. It's like a weird Lee Perry-ish affair made by a white guy in a wooden cabin in the darkest forest with lo-fi equipment (is this a politically correct thing to say?) . It's abstract and cerebral and unsettling where typical dub it would be earthy and root-oriented, still it sounds very personal and genuine and in a lot of ways moving. Did I mentioned it's also scary?

Today I found he is Martin Forster, the head of Dub Club and one of the Edelweiss project. This is the one record he recorded solo. What more can I say?

No one I know has heard this one, yet it makes even the Crooklyn records sound poppy. Give it a try. At nighttime with headphones on it would be fitting.

Sugar B - 2000, I & I Produkt
Info here.


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate it that you take the time to write about the albums you recommend. From your description ( you had me at the Crooklyn ref) this sounds right up my street. Thanks.

Nightlight said...

Well, hope u liked it man

Mona said...

...and you sold me with that description too. Grabbing it now thanx!