Idiosyncratic Expressions

Parallel Recordings is a NYC based label run by Jason Williams aka Velocette, a producer from the early '90s.

His first releases came out in San Fransisco's Reflective Records, important early electronics label run by Jonas Sharp of Spacetime Continuum fame. Through Parallel as expected he released a lot of his own stuff, Jonas Sharp, the first Kit Clayton 12'' (two tracks are included here) and their collaborative project I-Liner and Synewave's Chris Sattinger as Keek (interesting site and views). As I get it the label is going for a revival so keep an eye on it.

The music is a mix of electrofunk and techno forms, minimal concerning the track development but maximal and complex in sounds and moods. A totally urban, pressurized, almost stressing sound that draws equally from Detroit and NYC techno, with an occasional jazzy or housey touch on top. And when it starts to sound too complex and thick, it turns mellow (I guess that's the San Francisco influence). Actually, I think I get it better now than then, don't know why. The Klayton tracks stand out instantly even from so early, no wonder he went great later. I recall I have some Velocette 12''s and I assure you, the successful attempts of Velocette are also exceptional.

VA - 2000, Idiosyncratic Expressions
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

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