Mambotur is a project of Argenis Brito and Pier Bucci, now both famous on their own and, at the same time, constantly in groups and collaborations with the Cadenza/ Perlon guys. They are really well known, I think, so I'll cut to the chase. This (of course) went out in multiColor.

If you're expecting minimal dance elements and lots of funky clip-clop techno, you're for a small surprise. This Mambotur album is closer in style with the already posted 'Blind Behaviour' (where Bucci played a part in the recording, and which btw was recently re-printed in vinyl, run now). This is almost an electronic pop album, though the occasional deep techno track will casually turn up, in the almost typical now neo-latin style (call it sentimental minimalism). Some tracks have SA-spanish lyrics over sweet melodies, all are more or less dub infused, never going uptempo but without getting at all boring. Of course, the 'electro-latino' character of these recordings is obvious as a mannerism, but also is artistic expression and choice.

To sum up, this is the counterpoint to Cadenza's percussive marathons, without which those tool-tracks would be no more than... well, just tool-tracks; it would be stretching to call their producers artists. Personally, I like a lot Pier Bucci's music, the album in Border Community in particular (maybe my favourite release there, along with Adamski's and Heim's). And Argenis Brito has a really good voice. And stage manners, I watched him a few years ago with the Senor Coconut live band. Despite Mr.Schmidt's overwhelming maestro presence, he effortlessly managed to gain the crowd by being pleasant and entertaining. In a good sense, and believe me that is rare.
I remember I found this CD in the 'Lounge' shelf... Hmm. At the moment I've lost track of the first one (I was going for a double post actually), but soon I'll find it and up it.

It's summer down there...

Mambotur - 2005, al.frente
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

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