Mother, Madre, Mere

First time I heard Luciano, it was on the 'Future Senses' 12'' [Klang 72]. I bought it just for the B1 re-edit, full of ethereal voices, top programming and of course KILLER synths. A sense of live mixing, also. The other tracks were dimmed by this, but I didn't care.

I 'd heard the 'Ruta 5: Austral' compilation and liked '808 the Bassqueen', but for me Chile was a closed book apart from the fully promoted 'El Baile Alem├ín' by Atom™ . Some years later South American artists are flooding Europe's production with dubby minimal yet melodic tracks with a different touch. Villalobos, Luciano, Dandyjack, Pier Bucci and many others are top in demand by the music industry. Luciano focuses on producing minimal tracks for Cadenza, Perlon, etc. and keeps it funky, even though his tool tracks recently seem to last forever. I prefer his 'For Disco Only' experiment, just for the eerie voice, or 'Amelie On Ice'.

Still, the record I keep hearing the most is this gem of electronic music, under his Lucien-n-Luciano alias, released in Peacefrog. An album that mostly aims for the heart and the mind more than for the dancefloor, but still manages to work there in times. It sounds autobiographical, if I may say something like this without actually knowing the guy. Full of emotion, weird electronics and clicking percussions, vocals and melodies, it's guaranteed to keep you company for a long time.

'Mother, Madre, Mere' is one of the sweetest tracks I've heard. And 'La Ondita' is one of the most touching.

Lucien-n-Luciano - 2004, Blind Behaviour CD
Part 1 - Part 2

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