Irdial Radio

The first Irdial stuff I got stuck to was Stephen McGreevy's recordings. I was preparing a thesis on field recording, I came upon it by luck and it sounded interesting. I only knew Neuropolitique and InSync by then, but McGreevy's recordings just hit on spot, he had me. And then I came upon the Conet Project.

If you don't know at all what I'm talking about, please visit this label site. Read a little about them, check their attitude and their music. They have upped all of their releases in the Internet Archive and in Hyperreal. Listen to some of them, good experimental techno and electronics, they're there waiting.

And don't forget to check these two projects.

a) The VLF recordings project.

Stephen McGreevy records with radio receivers sounds from up the magnetosphere, produced by the interaction of the Sun's electric currents and cosmic particles with Earth's magnetic field (more or less, OK?). His really informative site which also works as a portal is here, with audio samples and zillion assorted links. Just dig a little through.
The Irdial release (2CDs, sounding better than the average sample) can be found here or here. Don't forget the booklet.

b) The Conet Project.

I won' t try to describe or comment on this at all, the info is there. You may get angry, scared, political, or just stick to the weirdness of it and listen to those voices at night with the lights low. It may be the most unsettling thing I've ever heard on record and I can stand a lot of shit. And I'm not the only one to say this, as I gather. It's addictive and weird and interesting and spooky and big. Please check it out.
Irdial info is here. The 4 CDs are here or here. Once again, read the booklet.

Check also this reportage.

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