This is the first Mambotur album I talked about in the last post, also through MultiColor.

More latino colored than the next one, it's a product of a process similar to the Senor Coconut records of the time, a fusing of latino 'ethnic' music elements with a touch of pop and european 'experimental' electronic music techniques. Uwe Schmidt is attributed some additional production credits (and thanks), his influence though can be easily heard throughout the whole album. The reason I think I like 'Al.Frente' a little more is that it has the Mambotur mark, it's more original in its own way, where as this one is the First Record, showing its influences more, going down a certain path already trodden. But it's all just about personal taste, so...

Mambotur - 2002, Atina.Latino
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

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