Quiz #2C

It's really weird that no one has yet recognized the Great Beast, the allegedly greatest magician of the previous century, the industrial era Lucifer incarnate. Him who paved the way for a LOT of others who later claimed fame and fortune for achievements rightly of his own.
I'm talking of course about Aleister Crowley, the one big guy that single-handedly managed to provoke so much admiration and spite at the same time that even though decades have passed and hundreds of books about him are still around, very few (should claim to) have understood what he really tried to accomplice with his life. And because everyone that 'knows' who he was seems to have an opinion on him, I won't share mine. If you're interested to check him out, you must do by yourself. I can only tell you it's worth it.
A simple Google search will feed you with thousands of links, but it's better if you stick to what unbiased bios you find and his books. Lots of stuff to read here. 'Yoga for Yahoos' may be the best written book for Yoga you will ever read, and 'The Book Of Lies' is my personal favorite.
I think that if I had put this photo up in the first place it would be more obvious who he was, right?